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Best answer: Blockbusters is T2 Trainspotting Bookworm is Henrik Ibsen Classic Rick is The Full Tilt Boogie Band Country Music is Yours Get Your Game On is Kunzar Jungle Healthy is Gums Sports is Elina Svitolina Super Hero is Limo Driver TV is Scrabble

Best answer: Tuesday April 16th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: bean 9:25am: laughter Back to work perk: Daniel Powter 4:25pm: rejoice Blockbusters: Patriots Day Bookworm Trivia: Roulette Classic Rock Challenge: Peter Criss Country Music Trivia: LANCO Get Your Game On: Geometry Dash Healthy Knowledge: ... show more

Best answer: Happy Easter Blockbusters: Kong: Skull Island Book Worm: Grendel Country Trivia: You Broke Up With Me Classic Rock : Outside The Wall Music Challenge: Survivor Music Pop Quiz: John Legend Get your game on: Obulus Frontier Healthy Knowledge: Bridge Superhero Trivia: Lawyer Sports Trivia: Alexander Zverev TV... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: The Great Wall Bookworm Trivia: Classic Rock Challenge: Led Zeppelin IV Country Music Trivia: Written in the Sand Get Your Game On: Kunark Ascending Healthy Knowledge: Twice a Day Music Challenge: Debbie Harry and Jimmy Destri Music Pop Quiz: Lady Gaga Sports Trivia: Kim... show more

Best answer: Sorry.. I posted last night.. damn yahoo.. it disappeared!! Easter Blessings to All :-) bookworm.. the hilt

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: New 9:25: B- Word: Fun 4:25 B- Word: Trust Back To Work Perk: Berlin Blockbusters: Hidden Figures Book Worm: Chuck Palahniuk Country Trivia:Jake Owen : Classic Rock : Drake Hotel Music Challenge: It Matters To Me Music Pop Quiz: Bruno Mars Get your game on: Angela... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is The Greatest Showman Bookworm is Classic Rock is 101st Airborne Country Music is Get Your Game On is Subway Surfers Healthy is Shoulder Sports is Jake Gyllenhaal Super Hero is Flash TV is Kitty

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: : Goblet 9:25: B- Word: Drank 4:25 B- Word: Slurp Back To Work Perk: Cyndi Lauper: Blockbusters: Daisy Ridley Book Worm: Jodi Picoult Country Trivia: Kacey Musgraves Classic Rock : Ry Cooder Music Challenge: Brian Eno Music Pop Quiz: Maroon 5 Get your game on: Project... show more

Best answer: Tuesday April 9th Happy Birthday to me and any other April babies out There!! B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: falling 9:25am: trouble Back to work perk: Fergie 4:25pm: let Blockbusters: Murder On The Orient Express Bookworm Trivia: Thomas L. Friedman Classic Rock Challenge: ... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Wonder Bookworm is Tarkington Classic Rock is Delaware Country Music is 2016 U S Elections Get Your Game On is Finland Healthy is Main Structural Molecule In Hair And Nails Sports is Boston Celtics Super Hero is Spider-Man Homecoming TV is Scandal

Best answer: Saturday April 6th Blockbusters: A Bad Mom’s Christmas Classic Rock Challenge: Joni Mitchell’s House Country Music Trivia: Josh Turner Get Your Game On: Ubisoft Healthy Knowledge: Opening or Cutting Of The Skin Music Challenge: Johnnie Ray Music Pop Quiz: The Chainsmokers Sports Trivia: ... show more

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Weight 9:25: B- Word: Chart 4:25 B- Word: Own Back To Work Perk:Jackson Browne Blockbusters: Tom Cruise Book Worm: July 21, 1899 Country Trivia: Ziggy Marley Classic Rock : Thick As A Brick Music Challenge: Fly Music Pop Quiz: Shakira Get your game on: Overwatch Healthy... show more

Best answer: Bookworm Trivia - Sea Monster is the correct answer, HOWEVER, Whale is working!!!

Best answer: b95.5 9:25 play back to work perk madonna Happy April Fools Day! I will post the question for tomorrow :-) unless someone else posts in their answers they want to do it for a while ..

Best answer: Wednesday March 27th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: chat 9:25am: dance Back to work perk: Madonna 4:25pm: whistle Blockbusters: Owen Wilson Bookworm Trivia: Howard Fast Classic Rock Challenge: Pink Floyd Country Music Trivia: Little Bog Town Get Your Game On: Project Morpheus Healthy... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Warmth 9:25 B –Word: Morning Back to work Perk: Timbaland: 4:25 B -Word: Late Blockbusters: A Ballerina Book Worm: The Giver Country Trivia: Sam Hunt Classic Rock: What A Fool Believes Music Challenge: Brilliant Disguise Music Pop Quiz: Ludacris Get your game on: Gravity Daze 2 Healthy... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is My Cousin Rachel Bookworm is Dragonfly In Amber Classic Rock is (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Country Music is Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Get Your Game On is Louisiana Healthy is Wool Fleece Sports is SEC Super Hero is Caliban TV is Attorney

Best answer: Wednesday March 20th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: board 9:25am: light Bon Jovi Blockbusters: Dunkirk Bookworm Trivia: Sweetbitter Classic Rock Challenge: Sultans of Swing Country Music Trivia: Speak To a Girl Get Your Game On: Overwatch Healthy Knowledge: Blue Music Challenge: Praying For... show more