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Which side was France on in the War?

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How painful would it be to be gassed to death?

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How come no one has colonized Russia?

32 answers · History · 2 days ago
The Spainish empire colonized Philippines, Cuba and etc. The Portuguese empire colonized Brazil and some African territories, the Brits also did the same thing but no empire colonized Russia ever?

I've heard that ancient people could be ressurected in a way through cloning, we have cloned things already and who knows what someone with the capability to do so would in secret, like clone humans.

Best answer: Let's go through this slowly, so we are clear. "Meaning" is of Old English maenen (and related to German meinen), "to intend, to indicate, to signify." Precisely, to indicate = to give meaning. That the starry firmament or the moral/childlike wonder within are said to give ontological... show more

Best answer: Libraries have a limited amount of space. They track how often books get checked out. Books that don't get checked out very often are discarded. I'm a library volunteer, and last year I worked on a project to weed out our collection since there wasn't enough space. Our metric was that anything that... show more

Were there Muslims on the Allied side in WWII?

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Im embarrased by the book i wrote?

13 answers · Books & Authors · 21 hours ago
I wrote a book, but it's mostly for myself. I wasn't looking to publish it, especially because it's off an embarrassing topic - werewolves. What should I do?

What was your favorite childhood book?

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Why didn't the United States expand into South America?

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Best answer: During the renaissance was when there was an ongoing effort by certain people in Europe to erase the people who ruled Europe out of history. Particularly after 1492 when the Moors were expelled from Spain. That event changed the course of history as we know it. A lot of Europeans know this. American whites along... show more

Best answer: Lots of people have,, "maximum security" changes over time as technology progresses,,, what was considered maximum security 100, 50 or even 10 years ago would be considered a joke today.

In the 1950s, how was garbage taken care of?

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I'm researching for a story I am writing that takes place in a fictional setting based loosely off of Canada or the US in the mid-1950s. The setting is best described as suburban for it is a small town with basic shops and schools and such, but it is mainly forests and some farmland. In such a setting, how... show more