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Help! Political Science Question!?

9 answers · Homework Help · 2 days ago
In the Hobby Lobby case, one element of the case that made the Obama administration's argument weaker is that they had already granted a number of ____________ to the ACA's requirement that health insurance coverage include coverage for birth control. In the Goldman v. Weinberger case ( 1986), when a an... show more

Does "warm milk" mean "hot milk" ?

19 answers · Words & Wordplay · 1 day ago

How can I tell if my dog is a conservative or not?

10 answers · Preschool · 1 day ago

How should I discipline a student in my class?

10 answers · Teaching · 1 day ago
A 12 year old student in my class was passing notes with her friend for at least an hour in class and not doing her work. When I catched her I told her to do her work. But she just sat looking at the work and didn't do it. Then a few minutes later she continued passing notes. I don't know if I should call... show more

Best answer: Absolutely not. We need real men in the army, not people who may form emotional attachments which could endanger the squadron because their attention is diverted by relationships.

On interviews or documentary people will go: '' It was 2002 sept 12th me and my friend la la la... '' I've seen so many do this like how do you remember precisely what you've done when it was such a long time ago? Or are you just lying?

Best answer: YES & thanks

What should I do about my daughter's school?

23 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes, you should definitely have a word with the principle and ask him/her whether they would like it if their daughter was asked to eat something that had fallen onto the floor. People walk on floors bringing in all sorts of bacteria on their shoes. The very fact that it is known all around the school means... show more

And that movie sucked too! The only good thing about that film was Gregory Peck! Otherwise, I don't see what the big deal is about that book or that movie. It is so very overrated! What does "to kill a mockingbird" mean anyway? Was that in The Bible or something???

can you imagine how he will be after the exam -> is that grammatically wrong or right?

Why are liberals labelling free speech to hate speech?

11 answers · Special Education · 24 hours ago

Which word is correct?

10 answers · Words & Wordplay · 16 hours ago
The man smacked his dog (on / over) the head with a rolled-up newspaper. Thanks!

Can a certificate increase the chances of getting myself a better job?

10 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 22 hours ago
Of should I just go for the Associates Degree for 2 years?

I'm not especially good looking. I'm out of shape. I'm often 30 years older than they are and yet some of my college students flirt with me. Do they do this because they know I'm married and I'm not going to make any advance in return? Is it just for the grade? A joke? Practice? For real? How do... show more

Poll: Is practice-kissing your step sister ok?

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(As the Level 7 Trolls do)

where do they get off ? It's completely backwards thinking. white men Asian men black men all want white women. go it? now stay the hell away from my man.

What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s IQ?

12 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 2 days ago
Best answer: Low 80s.