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Have you ever been bitten by a rabid person?

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Do you hate your job?

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Best answer: u in unicorn is not a vowel it is constant , you spell it as "you" not as "an" as in "unnecessary" Vowels and consonants are sounds, not letters. Depending on your accent and how thinly you slice them, there are about 20 vowels and 24 consonants. The difference between vowels and... show more

If it isn't what Bible verse tells them to support god anonymously and hide their support of him by remaining anonymous cowards?

Is it to old to make friends?

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So I'm 26 and I'm trying to turn my life around. I'm obese with a fatty liver, which I'm working on getting rid of. I've been applying for jobs to and got one in New York. I've got those two areas of my life in a right direction. My issue is the social part. Like it's complex. When I was... show more

Best answer: it should be allocations plural. each institution has its own allocations, presumably, and there are many institutions accelerating allocations. I would only say "resource" if it gives added meaning. I don't see that it does in this situation. The context suggests that the allocations are in terms... show more

I work for krogers

Best answer: Yes, it is. There are often other ways to express the same meaning, but as it stands, your sentence is perfectly correct. One answer objected to 'all day long' and suggested just 'all day' instead. While that would certainly be correct, there is nothing wrong with using 'all day long',... show more

Can you use both, present perfect and future simple in one sentence?

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What are the famous last words?

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How do you pronounce the word “Zachary”?

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Do you find a war with Iran to be just?

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Best answer: Of course not. The US is the aggressor with ships and troops ready to strike. If Iran had moved its navy off the US coast and was flying drones over US airspace, you can bet the US would have taken defensive action. Iran is showing restraint, but the US wants to start another war. For what?

Why do people get advanced degrees in extremely boring topics?

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Best answer: The dissertation is supposed to be original research. Sometimes, it's hard to be both original and interesting. I don't imagine that my dissertation will ever be made into a movie. However, parts of it were interesting to me and parts of it led to publications. One facet was a synonymy, a list of all the... show more

Is it “is there a problem “ or “is their a problem “?

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Why are school opposed to girls wearing short dresses?

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Another saying for "I changed my mind"?

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Why do people degrade Community College?

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I really do not understand why people degrade community college. What’s the difference between going to Yale vs going to community college then transferring to a 4 year institute?. I mean let’s be FACTUAL here, you most likely won’t make any more money then someone starting off at a Community college. Not that... show more

What stops an elderly person from doing their daily tasks?

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