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Why doesnt nintendo switch allow u to put “Dick” as a nickname?

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Do girls play video games?

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Best answer: Yep! It depends on the person but most girls actually do play video games. Some girls might play a few video games and not very often but some girls love video games, while some girls might not play them at all. Same as with boys. I have a to admit, though, that boys do have a record for playing more video games... show more

How does Laurilai sound for a baby girls name?

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I won't name the place but I was recently barred from numerous rides during a day out at a theme park due to my size. I'm wondering what my best course of action is, for one it wasn't justified as I'm only 265lbs, 5ft 8.5 man.

Can I play mario on the ps4?

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my friend jeff said i could play crash on the greated

What is Fortnite?

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Why do Jehovah witness despise Catholi 's?

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YOU are a Pokémon! What is your name?

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I'm sure I'm the only one that thinks this but, I truly like the way the jacket looks and was wondering where I could get it. I would also consider making a replica but I know nothing about sewing. If either you know how I could buy it, if you work at BurgerKing and are willing to buy it for me, or if you... show more

how can a robot use a computer do they really exist

Are scratch cards legit?

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SOmeone in my freshman comp class told me three ideas that would be really cool pinterest type projects for a Girls Night IN. 1: Mix Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, Shampoo, Body Wash, Bleach, Dishwasher Soap, Windex, Rubbing Alcohol, Brake Fluid, Gasoline, Pool Chlorine, and Windshield Washer Fluid in a bucket... show more

Should I set up my own sting operation or call the cops on these wretched miscreants?

I notice my reflexes and excitement with first person shooters dwindling and my interest in strategy or rpg games increasing.