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Best answer: No, That was the North Vietnamese. They just didn't want yanks in their country.

Best answer: Most men in European colonies took native wives due to a lack of European women in the colonies. Europeans had guns. The native tribes had enemies and could always use powerful allies like the Europeans. Often the women were traded away to the Europeans for weapons or luxury items. The native women had little... show more

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Simplify 3√18 - 16/√2 + 50?

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I got 3 different answers. 50 + √2, 3√18 + 34 and 3√18 - 66. What do I do?! I m so confused!

Is mother a verb?

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Best answer: 3:35 plus 2:46 simple matter of addition. First you add the minutes: 35 + 46 = 81 minutes Since there are 60 minutes in one hour, you subtract 81 - 60 = 21 Minutes How you add 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 (the One is the 60 Minutes you carried over) The answer 6:21

Best answer: Because The Royal Navy defeated the Spanish and French Navies at The Battle of Trafalgar thus establishing England as The dominant Sea Power in the World. The U.S. Navy was still relatively small and woefully underfunded. Case in point the RN Stiles up the Potomac and British forces burnt down the WH.

Natural selection relies on two things: 1) the fit reproducing 2) the unfit dying so...?

When is war justified? Read the list below of justifications for the colonists going to war with Britain. Identify any additional causes that the Patriots had for fighting the revolutionary war. Then, write two paragraphs in which you answer the questions below. -Protect prosperity rights -expand into western... show more