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Best answer: Of course not. The US is the aggressor with ships and troops ready to strike. If Iran had moved its navy off the US coast and was flying drones over US airspace, you can bet the US would have taken defensive action. Iran is showing restraint, but the US wants to start another war. For what?

I am currently undertaking the research project in South Australia. In its simplest research project is the opportunity for students to research a topic of interest showing preparation and research techniques. Hence, my topic is regarding creationism and how it can be implemented into the Australian Curriculum?... show more

.04 is 4 tenths?

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One carrier corporation factory builds air conditioning system for commercial buildings. Sales are traditionally low as summer draws to and end and the manager decides he must lay off 80 of the 760 employees working on the assembly lines. Find the percent of workers that will be laid off.

If 5x - 17 = -x + 7, then x =?

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Pre Calc Question?

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A building has a ramp to its front doors to accommodate the handicapped. If the distance from the building to the end of the ramp is 13 feet and the height from the ground to the front doors is 5 feet, how long is the ramp? (Round to the nearest tenth.)

Best answer: Each 15 minute shower is going to use 15 times 2.3 gallons. Each week, there are going to be 6 of those- so 6 times (15X 2.3). There are 52 weeks in a year. It's just multiplication.