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Im 21 years old and want to start college but i don’t have a high school diploma. I went to talk to my highschool and they told me that all I was missing was half of an elective credit to have my diploma. Is there anything i can do to get that half credit or do i have to take the GED??

Feeling worthless without school?

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Hi. So, I finished school today with exams. Now I’ve got like 3 to 4 months of holiday and no school. Normally I felt usefull in my life for having to wake up early, packing my backpack, go to school, make homework or study for tests or exams and having overall consistency in life. But since these things don’t... show more

Best answer: Stress. Some people really do not like doing tests, exams, or anything similar. They do not always know how to set down what they are thinking, perhaps because they are not good at grammar, spelling, etc. Such people often do well at something practical, such as assembling a machine, but they find it difficult to... show more

Best answer: A little bit, yes.

I’m 16 and late last year at a few parties I got really drunk and made some huge mistakes with random guys I didn’t know. I did it a few times and had one really bad experience with someone older than me at my high school (he’s a junior, I’m a sophomore). After that it was really bad and all the juniors would come... show more

Best answer: No, you are not 'slow', but pretty sharp. She is maybe wanting to "study" with her OTHER 'bf'.?

Best answer: There are two problems here. First, you are clearly not being "schooled"- you have been left on your own to flounder. There's a reason for teachers- they are the ones who can guide you through the tough material. Second, you are too young to be taking AP courses. I know schools (and parents) push... show more

Best answer: People don't change, but the world their in does. Qualities that were not appreciated in high school become much more important later. Picture Bill Gates at his high school reunion. He was a nerd in high school- probably couldn't get a date, and probably irritated people with his obsession with computers.... show more

Best answer: Probably depends where you live. In Australia sex education is generally taught from year 6 and upwards. (Average age of 9) but you didn’t get free condoms.

About to graduate high school?

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I’m about to be 19 and graduate high school in less than a month how do I deal with growing up it seems so hard and complicated

Best answer: Absolutely not. I support the rights of people to raise their children however they see fit, provided they are not harming their child's health, safety or welfare.

I think he was one of the worst Presidents in United States history.

The final page?

im a pretty good student overall, and im currently taking ap hug and precal both of which i have a high a in. Do you think im prepared for this workload? how challenging will it be and will I have time for a social life

Best answer: I came close to decking my stepson's teacher for telling him that in front of the class. He was only underperforming because his drunk, addict father was telling him that school wasn't important and his mother never paid any attention to his grades, only his sister's.