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What your favorite horror movie?

16 answers · 7 hours ago

Best answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Best answer: Dirty Harry (1971) Heartbreak Ridge (1986) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Unforgiven (1992) From Clint, his best cop movie, best military movie and his best westerns.

Best method of suicide?

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Best answer: 1. Lawrence of Arabia 2. The Birds. 3. The Fox

Mine is the Blair Witch Project.

Naked men in Movies?

6 answers · 56 mins ago
I noticed that there is always nude women in movies but never men. What do you think?

Best answer: probably not

Best answer: Ben-Hur starring the late Chuck Heston.

Best answer: Fairly, but really most of them are very loosely based on the facts and there are dozens, if not hundreds of factual errors. They're really just 'inspired by' the historical facts. If it was a perfect representation it would be a documentary, not a movie. And of course, the vast majority of real... show more

It was so bad. And no it's not because it had a all female cast. Some of my favourite comedians are woman.. Like Catherine tate and Dawn French. It's that the movie didn't feel like a comedy to me.. Let alone a ghostbusters movie. If there was a contest between who did a better ghostbusters movie..... show more

Best answer: Cocktail He has been cast in 43 released feature films 2012 Rock of Ages - Stacee Jaxx - although comedy, not a romantic one 2010 Knight and Day - Roy Miller - billed as Action, Adventure, Comedy, but elements of romance with Cameron Diaz - June Havens 2001 Vanilla Sky - David Aames billed as Fantasy, Mystery,... show more

Mission Impossible or James Bond?

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Best answer: Bond...James Bond...