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I look forward for sweet winter and sweater you agree?

5 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
I love winter 🎄👢💼🎁 and sweater weather so much I love also winter clothes

Is it expected that women shave their pubic hair?

20 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
I know the whole "Your body, your choice" spiel, but I want to know what's generally expected from potential partners.

Can you still dress like a teen when you're 20?

12 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 17 hours ago
Ik Im just 20 and Im young and blaah but I still feel old af. I really love wearing short skirts/shorts, shirts with weird stuff on them, cute dresses, crazy paterns, glitter and neon and all that stuff but my friends all kinda started dressing "normal" since we left high school. They still dress young... show more

What do I need to wear for a 1980's party?

16 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago

Best answer: use makeup wipes and facial cleansers and toners theres tons of options out there

What job can i get with a face tattoo?

17 answers · Tattoos · 3 days ago
i just graduated from high school and i’m trying to pick a major for college

Why don't men wear bras?

25 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 5 days ago
Best answer: Society standards, His boobs are nothing, yours and mine are sacred, to be kept out of site period. Actually it's even more apparent on the beach, I see guys all the time with bigger boobs that me, shirt off and no one gives them a second look. I take my top off and people stare, go figure. The few times... show more

Best answer: Either you may be wearing very popular clothing or shopping from popular places, or some people may appreciate your sense of fashion and could be copying your style. I wouldn't take this as a negative thing, though. People you see could really like your sense of fashion and use it as inspiration for their... show more

How to deal with family's judgement of tattoos?

10 answers · Tattoos · 2 days ago
I really want to get a couple tattoos once I save up enough money, but my family is against them. I want to get a small cross on my wrist with "agape" written on the side and the miraculous medal on my ankle. I'm hoping that since they're religious, my family will be more accepting. I'm... show more

Do you agree or disagree with dress codes for girls?

8 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 17 hours ago
Now I’ve never been on to disagree with the dress codes at school. They make perfect sense and I still believe that. But I think, at least at my school, it’s just too strict. We have a new principal and so far he’s eliminated many of our short options. Now jean shorts are usually too short and I don’t wear them but... show more

How dressed up should you be at a wedding if you’re just a guest?

7 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 18 hours ago
I have a wedding this weekend. I wasn’t planning on going out and buying a new dress. I’m wearing a blue floral fit/flare dress. The only problem is I don’t have heels that would match. So I was going to wear tan flip flops. (They are the nice kind that are hard and not flexible) Would I look okay with this?

Are piercings hard to remove?

9 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 1 day ago
I need to know so I can remove my bf's nipple piercing when he is sleeping. I am worried it makes people think he likes other guys and not girls. Plus it's just gross.

I am not fishing for compliments or attention seeking, just simply asking a question. It is hard for me to like my eye color due to the fact that people probably automatically label me as jealous or crazy when I am not. Am I alone in this? I feel that blue, brown and even hazel eyed people have it easy! I am also... show more