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Does "warm milk" mean "hot milk" ?

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can you imagine how he will be after the exam -> is that grammatically wrong or right?

Which word is correct?

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The man smacked his dog (on / over) the head with a rolled-up newspaper. Thanks!

Best answer: school Bullies the need to show how superior they think they are Just Grammar Nazis Many Forget Yahoo is INTERNATIONAL and Many Users don't use English as a First Language Grammar Nazis Must be reported for RANTING

Which sentence is better?

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Best answer: Out of thin air, the magician produced three birds. Out of thin air is an introductory clause - so needs a comma. If you transpose it, though, you wouldn't have a comma; The magician produced three birds out of thin air.

How do I correct this sentence?

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The lesson from the movie is, doesn t matter how popular you are if you re not somebody s love, you re alone.

I have come to say the N word?

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I have the N word pass.

What is the opposite of "word" ?

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Which sentence is correct?

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Best answer: B would the most usual way of saying this. The forces were tanks, infantry and cavalry so you would use the plural form. Only use the definite article (the) if you are identifying a specific force or forces, but that does not seem to be the case here.

I know what it means for me ✨. But if someone else says it its just like really you know about it too how in the heck. Is this a commonly known thing?

Best answer: "Gorgeous" is more over the top and in my opinion implies something on the exotic side. Something gorgeous is going to be to the extreme, such as the hall of mirrors at Versaille, whereas any well-decorated in a fairly ordinary house may be described as "beautiful". Both words are ultimately... show more