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I don't understand this phrase.. of course I want my cake and to eat it too.. tf? Who doesn't??? Who gets the cake and doesn't eat it?!!

Best answer: Let's see if it works... - I didn't wipe my butt! - I ain't wipe my butt! - You didn't marry my hamster did you? - You ain't marry my hamster did you? - I didn't lend you my banjo. - I ain't lend you my banjo. Hey! What do you know? It does work...in Kentucky. Go figure. show more

What does earnest mean?

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I was called that but I don’t exactly understand the meaning from google..

Best answer: He's not a lion, he only thinks he is. Regarding his statement, he is only half right. Indoctrination is the teaching of something that may or may not be fact to children. an example of that is the pledge of allegiance that I was made to say every day in primary school. I pledge allegiance To the flag Of the... show more

Which sentence is correct?

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A. Please finish this work by the end of the first week of the next year. B. Please finish this work by the end of the new year's first week. Thanks!

Jane Doe has been drawing since she was 3, her first piece a portrait that looks more like a set of balloons than her family. She likes to think she's improved since then.

What does "don't jinx it" mean?

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When someone says "don't jinx it", what do they mean exactly?

I am sitting here playing scrabble with my friend. He has a word of YAFF . I told him that he's smoking CRACK and that's not a word. He said that it IS a word. I told him that i'm 72 years old. In my 72 years and English being my only language i speak that I have NEVER heard the word YAFF. He told me... show more

eg, A little taken aback, Bodie was about to protest that he did not mean to dismiss the death of a prostitute so casually, but he caught Doyle scowling at him and his perverse streak acted up. "It's not our problem, lieutenant," he said, choosing the more Anglican pronunciation. "Our problem is... show more

Is lemon a colour?

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(Not important) My friends and i were playing a game that involved naming colours begging with random letters, My friend said lemon, we have been all arguing over it all day--- Is Lemon a colour?---