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Best answer: u in unicorn is not a vowel it is constant , you spell it as "you" not as "an" as in "unnecessary" Vowels and consonants are sounds, not letters. Depending on your accent and how thinly you slice them, there are about 20 vowels and 24 consonants. The difference between vowels and... show more

Best answer: it should be allocations plural. each institution has its own allocations, presumably, and there are many institutions accelerating allocations. I would only say "resource" if it gives added meaning. I don't see that it does in this situation. The context suggests that the allocations are in terms... show more

Best answer: Yes, it is. There are often other ways to express the same meaning, but as it stands, your sentence is perfectly correct. One answer objected to 'all day long' and suggested just 'all day' instead. While that would certainly be correct, there is nothing wrong with using 'all day long',... show more

What are the famous last words?

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Wasn't or weren't?

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Best answer: "Weren't" is the correct term. Your sentence is an example of a subjunctive mood, which means that you are referring to a wish, emotion, hypothetical situations, etc.

Is this grammatically correct?

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Best answer: It is not NECESSARY to remove the word, so your teacher is wrong.

this is for our philosophy class.

Is it okay to write like this?

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"Although I did not choose to pursue university life, I decided to start a career first in order to get acquainted with my skills and interests. Once I got familiarized with my abilities I decided that it is time to enroll in university."

To scrap means to punch?

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He knew how to scrap

My daughter is a photographer?

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Best answer: A question mark is ALWAYS added automatically, so you should adapt your question accordingly. The way to ask this is to separate the sentence from the actual question, like this: " 'My daughter is a photographer.' Is this sentence correct?" And by the way, yes, it is perfectly correct, except... show more

Best answer: Manage so that one's financial means are enough for one's needs, as in On that salary Enid had trouble making ends meet. This expression originated as make both ends meet, a translation from the French joindre les deux bouts (by John Clarke, 1639).