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Is "Simon says" not the game of Paul Simon?

7 answers · Reality Television · 18 hours ago

I miss dr house, do you?

9 answers · Other - Television · 1 day ago

Does Marge Simpson have throat cancer?

11 answers · Comedy · 2 days ago
She really sounds like she has throat cancer.

Who watches the show steve wilkos?

7 answers · Reality Television · 2 days ago

Are there any god looking guys on Bold and the Beautiful?

3 answers · Soap Operas · 21 hours ago

...or both?

How did Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead die?

6 answers · Drama · 3 days ago
I missed a couple episodes but I basically am caught up I just missed the part where he died . And I'm looking online and all I'm finding is stuff from October that says Rick Grimes death spoiler alert and other types of similar articles I'm not finding anything that tells me how he died in case I... show more

The new charmed pales, compared to the origional version

What is a better show The Simpson's or South Park?

13 answers · Comedy · 6 days ago

Rank these shows: Robot Chicken Rick and Morty Venture Bros?

5 answers · Other - Television · 2 days ago

What day does SNL come on?

6 answers · Comedy · 3 days ago
Does anybody know? I want my sister to watch it with me

Is this reality or a horrible nightmare?

6 answers · Reality Television · 4 days ago
Best answer: that depends on what kind of reality youre living in

Do U prefer the Big Bang Theory or Modern Family?

16 answers · Comedy · 1 week ago

Best answer: For Celebrities yes but regular folks I dont think so. Ellen may pay for the travel expenses (flight and hotel possibly if they dont live in LA )and she wants them on her show,but thats probally it. Though sometimes through her sponsors she gives out money to certain guests.

Wendy Williams?

6 answers · Talk Shows · 5 days ago
I'm not one to delve into critiquing other people's physical appearances, but am I the only one who finds Wendy William's stature a bit awkward? From a TV's point-of-view, her legs exposed somewhat resmble that of a man. Am I just being judgemental or do you also share the same sentiments?

Yes, I saw it many times as a kid, but did not question it, until a repeat on BBC, just now

How are the ratings for The View?

9 answers · Talk Shows · 1 week ago
Best answer: Poor