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Best answer: I'm making a wild guess here - fearing death too much may cripple us, and loving life too would make death a very costly loss, which would also cripple us. I know philosophy likes talking in circles so here I am trying to draw circles LOL. My reading is probably inaccurate though. It's best to study a... show more

What is you favorite quote?

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Best answer: "Payday is Every Friday"

Best answer: Well The night sky is a very impressive sight. But it comes a very poor second to a pretty girl And to state the obvious A man is far more interested in a pretty girl than all the stars in the night sky.

What should my senior quote be?

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Best answer: Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Roses (red) symbolize love, romance, and passion. I would think the meaning is that the person feels that a gesture to symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity is more important and meaningful to them.

Best answer: 'angel mother' aka DEAD Mother. Sure, it is merely verbal chrome of the day.

Best answer: "To be or not to be."

Best answer: That’s a huge big yes

I was chatting with this person who says their from oklahoma. The ip address listed under their picture i found comes from cambridge Massachusetts institute of technology.

Best answer: By "you are not sure of a minute", I think he means that nobody has any guarantee of any time remaining to them. It's a recognition that life is very uncertain. Every minute could literally be our last.

Best answer: It implies that some people are two-faced -- that they will talk negatively about you, but will not say the same things TO you.

Best answer: dr. heimlich.... the full quote was "ze air force ze stucken fooden-chunken out of ze craw..."

Best answer: Being stable and not standing still are not mutually exclusive. We, for example, are quite capable of walking forward while remaining stable on our feet. Laws must be stable, meaning citizens must understand what the law requires of them and what happens when they break the law. This is the purpose of the... show more

What does this homeric simile mean?

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Best answer: It means that Odysseus covered himself in dead leaves so he wouldn't freeze to death over night - the leaves keep the spark of life going in his body in the same way that ashes piled over a burning log keep the fire going. It's quite simple.