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Best answer: My name's not Chang, but even I can easily crack this nut.

Which of the following is larger?

13 answers · 3 days ago
1. Trump's butt 2. Trump as the butt of jokes


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What is a piss pot?

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Huh did you know?

13 answers · 5 days ago
Did you know that Nazi is short for Nationalsozialisten. Which translated to English is National Socialists? They just took the letters NA from National and the letters ZI from Zialisten and combinde them to form the word Nazi. Never realized that till now, did you?

Stallions and Mares, etc. No gross or inappropriate ideas please.

What does p.o.w. stand for?

5 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: It usually means … Prisoner of War But according to google, it could also mean... Prisoners Of War (gaming, Counter-strike source clan) Proof-of-Work (computer spam protection) Power of Wisdom Pictures on the Wall (art show) Prince of Wales Problem of the Week Piece of Work Powodzenia (Polish: good... show more

Best answer: Oooooo funny!

I seen a video on YouTube of military launching a missile, and the tip (top) shooting off when the military launched it, but during launch off the missile launched, and it had flames coming from the side. It shot off vertically first, then when the flames came out from the side near the top it turned horizontal,... show more

Is Yahoo Answers "troll-infested"?

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Best answer: Michelle and his package will run in 2024.

Best answer: True.