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Are you going to the library?

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Best answer: I'm at the Library right now.

Do people even read or buy books anymore?

If so did you like the story?

My wife and I are expecting a boy. She has 4 children from a previous relationships with very traditional first names. They’re called; Charlotte, William, Imogen and George. While I have a daughter from a previous relationship called Everleigh. She prefers very traditional names. Whereas I’m indifferent to them. I... show more

Best answer: The most traditional publisher is Charles Scribner's Sons, now known as Scribner's. They have done autobiographies before, and have been around for quite a long time. I would start there. Always start at the best place to submit your work, and work your way down, in case your submission is excellent. No... show more

I just read this frightening non-fiction book about a famous science fiction author who was married to a child molester and together they molested many kids. Many people they knew in SF Fandom were abusers too and they all lived by a very weird and deviant moral code. I have also seen pictures of cos-players... show more

This is for a story I'm writing- I'm not trying to drug anyone ahhhhh Also, I'd prefer it to be a prescription medication if possible for plot purposes.


I studied English in college. I have two job options: become a middle school writing teacher or become a store manager (offer at Kohls) What do you think? Please help?!?! which job has better pay/benefits?

John Steinbeck Kurt Vonnegut Mark Twain Stephen King Ernest Hemingway JD Salinger Joseph Heller John Updike Ray Bradbury Dr Seuss

Or are they out of luck given their time has expired for Democrats?

Hi I m trying to figure out what something is called. It s like a tiny book of images and as you quickly go through them they change it can look like a horse running or a someone jumping or anything like that. I remember as a kid my dad showing me this and it can be drawn on index cards as well.

A friend of mine is working on a book. He plans to create a character whose intelligence is exceptionally superior, but he wants to give him a very simple way of speaking. Much like the way the average person speaks. To me, it didn't seem realistic that a genius would only speak using only regular words, as... show more