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Best answer: Libraries have a limited amount of space. They track how often books get checked out. Books that don't get checked out very often are discarded. I'm a library volunteer, and last year I worked on a project to weed out our collection since there wasn't enough space. Our metric was that anything that... show more

Im embarrased by the book i wrote?

13 answers · 21 hours ago
I wrote a book, but it's mostly for myself. I wasn't looking to publish it, especially because it's off an embarrassing topic - werewolves. What should I do?

How to get my writing out there?

7 answers · 3 hours ago
I have always suffered with anxiety, stress and panic attacks. I really enjoy writing and figured I could use my knowledge on anxiety to write a helpful tips and tricks book. If I did continue with this idea how do I go about getting my writing out there to get it published??

Any ideas of a Forbidden love?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I want to write a story, but I don't know what sounds interesting with a forbidden love. Should I go kind of Romeo/Juliet, or maybe something else? I kind of want unique options, I have a few ideas, but I don't believe my ideas are very original

Help me on my novel, please!?

7 answers · 22 hours ago
I am writing a story about a woman who helps people that go through natural disasters, poverty, and hunger, but every story needs a climax. Any ideas? I have been working on this story (on and off) for about two years and it has many adventures in it, but I'm missing what the story should be working towards.

I am thinking of writing some stories for fun. I heard that it is easier to write and read fanfiction. I also noticed that most of the fictional written content online is fanfiction, so I assume more people will read my stories. I m just wondering if this is true.

Jules Verne was an imaginative genius 100 years ahead of his time. He wrote of a marvelous submarine, a record-breaking trip around the world, a journey to the center of the earth, a flight to the moon.

Have you ever broke a book?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Like ripped it repeatedly. If so why?

I suck at figuring out the genres of books and I have no idea what reading category I fall into! My favorite books are: Life of Pi - Yann Martel Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbovsky God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie Debartolo It - Stephen King Percy Jackson series - Rick Riordan The Hunger Games series -... show more

Idea for a romance novel?

6 answers · 13 hours ago
I wanted to write a romance loosely based on Jane Eyre, but takes place in Italy, and modern. Is it okay that it resembles Jane Eyre significantly on some places? Names are also all different

Best answer: The answer is a nutshell.... dollars. These people, that are not authors, will write books, generally with trashy information, because people will buy the books. If we the people would not buy these trashy, poor quality books, then no one would write them. But we do buy them! So they write them.

Dear Stephen, I m writing this letter for you in the middle of a dreary night, within the mere light of the candle next to my bed. My hands are trembling in fear of my chest not providing enough air for my living any longer and my feet seem to be frozen as I can barely feel or move them. I wish I could be by your... show more