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I leased a smart car a couple weeks ago. The dealer told me it would get 100 miles to the charge. I am getting a little over half that. Upon doing some research, others have the same experience. Should I go back to the dealer and ask them to take it back? What are my options? Does the lemon law apply?

Is Pontiac a reliable car brand ?

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Makes no sense. Why would a dealer (who I go to for regular tune-ups) want my not paid off car? What’s the catch to this? Someone explain

What are the main problems about ford cars that make them sh*tty ?

I want to buy a $15,000 car. I want to pay cash for it. And also, maybe try to negotiate a bit. Is this possible?

It will be my first so help me out guys 1. 2006 Toyota Camry LE sedan 118,384 mileage everything in good condition. 2. 2008 Hyundai Elantra mileage 87,000 miles everything in good condition. 3. 2010 Hyundai Accent mileage 83,000 miles everything in good condition 4. 1999 Honda prelude mileage 81,000 miles... show more

I make 60 cents more than minimum wage and the Jeep Grand Cherokee costs about $40k. I could get it because the person that will co-sign sign has good credit. But the monthly note will be like $550 a month plus insurance which will be like $200. So is it worth it ? because I really love the Grand Cherokee and I do... show more

My dad bought a new truck so he passed his old one down to me. I tried to register it and they said that they needed to see how much I paid for it so they could charge sales tax. I said that I didn't pay for it, my dad gave it to me, and the DMV guy said that that was "impossible" and that I "had... show more

Camero, mustang, charger or challenger?

Why are new cars so damn expensive?

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Im looking at getting a new car in the future. I currently drive a old rusty crappy car. Im looking at new cars and the prices are insane. Is this normal? why are cars so expensive these days?

I’m not sure if I’m getting a good deal or getting ripped off. For a new Honda HRV EX 2019 AWD, they gave me these options. I’m a recent college graduate, my credit score is 700 & improving and I’m putting no down payment. Everyone is too busy to help shop at car dealerships with me so I’m asking the internet

Best answer: Yes. But carfax can and does show liens that were paid off long ago. It is NOT definitive. The title is. The lienholder holds the title until the lien is paid in full as security for the loan. If you do not pay as agreed, they can repo the car and resell it to recoup some of or all of their money.

I traded in my leased car a few months early to finance a new car. The dealership said they were doing a dealer buyout and would pay off the remaining balance of the lease. I got a call from the leasing company saying I owe a hefty early termination fee (more than the car is worth). This is due to the dealership... show more

Should I buy or lease a car?

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hi I am 18, a guy. I am looking at used cars and some are overpriced with high miles. I was looking at the Volkswagen website and I am interested in leasing a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. my dad bought a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas. I have a job so don't call me spoiled. I want a car with a CLEAN title. god knows what the... show more

So, I currently have a Mazda 3 lease. I will have to return the car in about 3 months. I am not sure if I should return the car to Mazda (it has no major damage, just normal wear & tear / small stains). I know I should get it inspected so I avoid paying other charges besides the disposition fee. I’ve spoken... show more

Best answer: Cars can sit on dealer lots for long time, often changing hands several times between dealers, traders, auction houses, whatever. They are barely driven so inevitably the batteries sometimes go flat. As long as that's the only issue, there's no reason to worry about it. A new battery or charge should fix... show more

Can I get approved for a car?

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I have bad credit. (Score 488) but I’ve been on my job for two and a half years. It’s not a buy here pay here lot...they offer it. And it’s also not a huge car lot either (like ford or Toyota). It’s just a normal street car lot. Would I be wasting my time?