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so I have 4 thousand dollars saved up and found a 07 Honda for sale with 145,000 miles. Should I buy or put my money into something newer?

Why are used cars so overpriced?

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Best answer: A car 25+ years old is seen by some as an antique. In many states they are! There are published values on such cars, some from auctions and others by companies that research what cars are bringing on the market (NADA). A 1990 Chrysler Lebaron 4 door has a market value of 2500 dollars if prime. Do not fool yourself... show more

Best answer: Air freshener cost a buck. Floor mats cost more, but you can get them at Wal-Mart. Open the trunk. Does it have a spare & jack? Those things cost $$ Look underneath where it sat. Do you see oil spots? Could be big $$ Look for burns on the driver side window felt or rubber for burns. Turn the air then heat on to... show more

Hey I’m looking to get my first car and I spotted a 2011 Cruz Chevy for 3,800. It has 126k miles on it right now and I wanna know if it’s okay to buy It. The car seems to be in good condition, no scratches or dents, and the inside is also clean.

Was I approved for a car loan???

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I recently went to a dealership to try and buy a car. The dealership did not have the car I wanted nor could they find one near by. THey suggested I could order a car and get the exact one I wanted. I would just need to put 1,000 downpayment to secure the car and the car would arrive in 6-12 weeks for me to pick... show more

Best answer: Spam listings often pepper search results on Craig's List, making it hard for people to actually find what they're looking for. The fee might reduce the spammers.

Best answer: NO! If the title in not in their name they do not own the motorcycle and cannot legally sell it. Walk away from this deal or you may regret the day you payed good money for a bike you will never be able to register. Tell her once the title has her name on it as the owner to give you a call. Until then leave it alone.

How much can I get off of a car?

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There is a car listed at $10,900 at a car dealership and the price has never changed and it’s been on the lot for 40 days so I was wondering what a fair offer would be for it

Can anyone help?

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Best answer: A repo is a repo, whether you surrender it or they come get it. The hit on your credit is the same. You might get an extremely high interest car loan from a scheister car lot for a piece of junk but you'll pay more than twice what it's worth and will be so far under water on the loan right from the get-go... show more

Best answer: I bought a car away from a guy who did not have me come to his house when I was young. He said it was easier to meet at such & such than give me directions. I did not give it a 2nd thought. But, that was 30 years ago. Times are more dangerous now and they don't know you from Adam. Nothing wrong with... show more

I bought a car for like $1100 but I haven’t got it registered because it didn’t pass the smog due to the check engine light but it still runs fine. I don’t know how much it will cost to repair so I rather sell it but I have the bill of sale and pink slip, could I still sell it?

I will be in the market soon for a newer car and wanted any suggestions or opinions on what to get. It has to have 4 doors, sedan or suv. Where I live it does snow in the winter. Has to be under 15k

Best answer: Look - the guy hasn't sent you a check to pay for the car, and he keeps offering you excuses WHY he hasn't sent a check. He either no longer wants the car, or he doesn't have the money to pay for it, or he wants you to release the title to him before his check clears your bank. Either way -- as far as... show more

Will I be able to trade in my car?

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Best answer: Can you trade it in? Yes, if you have THOUSANDS of dollars to make up the shortfall.