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When I try to brake with my left foot I brake harder without really trying to brake harder.

Best answer: Why would it be weird? People need to go back and forth between places all the time...

I moved out of my mom's house I'm 18 and a senior graduating next month I live with my sister now I work at a fast food chain well before I moved out I have trouble getting to and from I take the public bus in the morning to school and then the bus to work but I work weekdays from 5-10 (except tuesday)... show more

Which car is better?

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Mercedes Benz A class hatchback 2019 or BMW 1 series hatchback 2019 Which one would you go for

I live in California. There is a parking lot beside the street. The street has 2 lanes with traffic going in opposite directions. The freight truck drove out of the parking lot going into my lane so he was face-to-face with me. Do I drive to the edge of my lane?

Best answer: [1] READ the NY State Driver's manual that contains everything you need to know - FAIL - page 33 - left hand column at the bottom - You want to turn left at an intersection ahead. A vehicle reaches the intersection from the opposite direction and moves straight ahead.... show more

How much do you hate commute?

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Best answer: When we last moved, the commute was a factor in where we bought a house. It's ten minutes or less off-peak-traffic, fifteen at rush hour. Not bad. A family member has a commute of 45 minutes to an hour each way. An Audible subscription has turned that into time she enjoys rather than an inconvenience she has... show more

Do they get snapped by the camera to be caught next time?

How do I survive this?

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Ok, so I m going on a school trip. My best guy friend is being separated from me (guys in the back, girls in the front) and my two female best friends paired up together. I happened to get stuck with the only other open seat, which was with a person I completely hate. How do I survive this?

Ok so I'm taking a girl to prom and I want to rent a limo. Do they accept only 2 passengers? Is there mininum amount of passengers required?

Best answer: Without being specific about which bridges you refer to, some charge in one direction and some each way and some no toll at all.

Tips for an extremely long trip?

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Best answer: I feel for you. Long bus rides are awful. - look to see if it is worth taking a train to your destination. That way you will be able to walk around, buy food, and not be stuck at bus stations. - If you are able, get up and move while you are on the bus. - bring things to keep you busy. Download movies. bring... show more

Best answer: It is neither something I want nor need. I live in a city with good public transportation and never liked owning a car.

Best answer: No. It's the best time for them to make money. All Uber and Lyft drivers hustle here.

Best answer: Only you can answer that question. It depends on a bunch of different factors, also what makes you happy. I have a cousin who commutes from Fountain Valley to Santa Monica, almost 50 miles in LA traffic. I would rather hang myself.

If Uber only has a small in-office workforce, and the drivers are always complaing of their low pay (which Uber confirms is low), then where does all the revenue generated by Uber go? Uber lost 1.85 Billion dolllars in 2018; if they have little overhead, where does all of the money go?

Average speed camera question?

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Does going in between the two lanes with the marking in the centre of each lane mean you can avoid the average speed camera from scanning your registration number as the camera is probably aligned or programmed to read the reg number for a car that is in the centre of the lane where the markings are?