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I completely forgot I had to renew it because I moved and didn t change my address yet and for some reason this year, it expired in only four years rather than five. ANYWAYS..... If I renew it by mail, will they send me something that says it is being renewed?? OR will I just have to wait the two weeks?? I was... show more

Is there a grace period where you can still drive in order TO get glasses ? M

I have my own self converted camper van (a ford transit swb) which has been quoted at £800 to ship to USA. However I am confused as to what else I need to pay to drive for 12 months. I need Insurance. Road tax? There is no clear answer I can find online. Is insurance more expensive in the US for a UK license?... show more

The problem here is, I can t drive to college and if I do, I need someone who is 21 or over. Because i took the written rest and have to wait six month just to take the driving test. I will be living by myself, and I am in a state that I have never been in. The school also doesn t have a dorm and there is almost no... show more

I went to the driving school and passed the knowledge(written) test and they didn't give me a permit. the lady told me I have to go to another place to get the permit?

Best answer: Don't touch it, you'll only make it worse. Just man up and tell him. What's the worst that can happen? Short of taking your phone away nothing's that terrible.

I just got my temps and I'm under the age of 16. I know I have to have a parent in the passenger's seat while I'm driving but am I allowed to drive a friend with us?

Best answer: Insurance will sell to anyone. You may not like the price but they will sell to you. But, most 20 year olds are on someone elses. (Like a parent or grandparent) If you have a terrible driving record, you will need special insurance that only a few places sell. WHO NEEDS AN SR-22? Laws vary by state, but you may... show more

Hello, I live in the state of Virginia and I'm 17 years old (18 in October) and I failed my learners permit test (for driving) 3 times. At the DMV they told me that they wont let me retake it again until I go to a drivers school. My questions are, what driving schools are they talking about? How many classes... show more

(In oregon) if you are 18 & you get your licence, can you drive siblings, friends around? Or do you have to wait 6 months?

Physical therapy wants my auto insurance claim number. Can I give them my health insurance information?

Best answer: Bankruptcy has nothing to do with licensing and registering a car. You would need to speak to the Georgia DMV about the fees that you would have to pay to cover the period of time when the car was not registered.

Is it the car for causing the collision or the cyclist for not leaving room when overtaking a parked vehicle

Best answer: Yes. Lets say your car burns up in the street, and you don't have coverage for that. Are you going to continue making payments on a car that's gone to the crusher? not likely, and they know that. Hence, you must have the coverage required by the lender.