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Best answer: You were cited for a violation which will only effect your personal driving record, not that of the vehicle or current registered owner. The seller of the vehicle will in no way be effected.

Do you know how long the process is once my neurologic cognitive issue is fixed?

My car was totaled because a deer ran out in front of me. They are only paying $4100 to my bank because my deductible was $1999 so they took that away from the full $6000. Anyways I tried to get another car but the finance banks want my other car paid off which is like $2200 left. Nobody can help me pay it off in... show more

Long story short, got into a car accident, in this animation my car is the black car. Going 65mph on freeway, then all of the sudden a full stop on my lane, i was about to hit the car in front of me, managed to move to the left and only hit him with my right light and fender. the car behind me,(white) hit me in... show more

I live in Texas. I bought a 2016 Ford Focus from the Dealer. I came in, checked it out, it had barely over 100k miles and was accident free and clean title. Clean car fax and all highway miles. Car was clean inside, drove good during test drive, no issues whatsoever. I bought it debit card Saturday, wanted to take... show more

I got caught driving without driving license by the cops I was driving my dads car and they asked me to give them an insurance too but I couldn’t find it at the moment ,but I know it’s there somewhere they stopped me ,because I was everywhere on the road ,because I was trying to go somewhere with google maps ,and... show more

I got in an accident before I got my license. My license will be suspended starting in September-December. Though I have a test scheduled for July. Am I able to still test? If I pass my test, can I have my license and just not be permitted to drive?

I told the driver of the car that my paint rubbed off on your car while backing out and come to find out the driver of the car didn’t own it. I asked for the owners information and gave them a call and the owner didn’t want to give me their insurance information to give to my insurance company(she said she didn’t... show more

Best answer: If your mom depends on her car to get to work and do important errands, she can't afford to lose it if you get into an accident. You are a new inexperienced driver, regardless of how good you think you are. You can't pay your own insurance or even pay for fuel since you don't have a job. Your best bet... show more

If a car is totaled, does it always end up in a junk yard or salvage yard, and if it does what happens to it while it's at the salvage yard? Does it get dismantled?

My father and I do not have a great relationship. I actually ran away when I was 18. I’ve finally came back home due to financial issues, which my family isn’t aware of. My father has offered to buy me a new car and willing to give me $15,000. I am flattered and I appreciate this. However, insurance and every other... show more

I have an out of state vehicle that I brought back from California the registration has been expired for over a year from California and it’s ran thru navy federal I’m asking here because I can’t seem to get a straight answer on how to g about transferring the title

Best answer: Certainly it's illegal to drive without a license. If one of the drivers gets caught, they'll all get caught. If one of them causes an accident and hurts or kills someone, they and the company are in serious legal and financial trouble.