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My friend has a license, a car, and his own car insurance. He borrowed my car because his car wasn’t working. He got into an accident and hit someone. The cops came and made the report, and gave him a ticket. I never called my insurance. The guy he hit insurance contacted my insurance company and now a case is... show more

I’ve been driving on my own since May of last year. I got my Drivers license November of 2017. It took a long time for my parents to allow me to drive on my own. People kept asking me if I gotten a car. For months I had to say “no” because my parents refused to allow me to drive on my own. Some how I was able to... show more

So I hit a patch of ice on an exit ramp today, my car fishtailed and I ended up going a little off the road. It was nothing major, I didn’t end up in a ditch or anything luckily. And my car wasn’t damaged. But I did hit one of those 3 foot or so metal “mile marker” I guess you would call it. It wasn’t the actual... show more

I bought a car yesterday I'm at the secretary of state since 1pm is almost 5pm now they are saying the title is not popping up they just told me to have a sit and wait. I got up 3 times to ask they told me wait a little longer. Any idea what could of happen? I bought it from a private seller first owner

A 1991 suburban was hit while parked, is the increase in insurance worth reporting it to insurance in Oregon if the suburban owner is willing to fix damages without insurance ?should a lawyer be contacted?

Best answer: The rules vary from state to state. I would GUESS that in Illinois, you don't NEED to attend a formal driver's ed class after you turn 18 years old, BUT... You STILL need some sort of training to learn what you need to know in order to pass the tests. A formal driving school class MAY be the quickest and... show more

How much would door dent cost to fix?

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So the other day I accidentally dinked this womans car with my friends car door. The dent was maybe the size of a dime but she freaked out and is making an insurance claim. I was in a rush and didn t get any of her information. Does anyone know how much this claim would cost me?

I got a photo radar ticket on jan 22 and u got a new licence plate on january 28 because i have to renew my licence at the end of the month but i decided to change licence plate cop is behind me and take picture of my car . I was speeding on 100kmh . Was speeding 115kmh ... I didnt realize my speed because i... show more

Auto Insurance situation, help ?

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I was on an accident on 2-13-19 and my whole front end was damaged on my F150 prior to that on 2-10-19 i opened an insurance policy with insurance X but didn't cancel my current insurance Y. So when the accident happened Insurance X said they will pay for my repairs but also Insurance Y said they wanted to... show more

I have liability coverage and no uninsured motorist coverage. I had to stay at the hospital for three days and had to get surgery done. My car flipped over and is totally gone. There’s a lot of damage done to it. The other driver is a 21 year old male. No drivers license. No insurance at all. What should I do???

I’m 17 (18 in May) and I passed my road test two weeks ago, I’m so happy that I passed but I don’t believe I deserve a license. It took me three times to finally get my license, and it took me almost a year to try again. I have trouble staying centered on my lane, and yesterday a car almost hit mine after exiting a... show more

I already have the permit, I applied for the appointment for the drivers test but I didn’t took any driving courses. I learned it from my dad, Are they a requirement? Thanks, I’m in CT btw

I'm in my last semester of college and want to buy my first car as soon as possible when I get my bachelor's. I don't know what type of job I'll have or how much money I'll make...still working with career coaches to get ready to apply. But how much does it cost to pay for insurance and stuff?... show more