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My car 1st gear can only top 30 mph, but what if I go that fast?

Took my car to the shop. Dude said head gasket is bad. Will a head gasket make your car miss?

Best answer: A difference of only 3 psi is not going to make any noticeable difference. You'll get slightly reduced turning and braking performance - particularly on wet or icy roads since the amount of rubber actually touching the ground is reduced. You'll get slightly better fuel economy but probably not enough to... show more

Empty Motor Oil Containers.?

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Mower battery will not charge?

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Long story short if I have the battery unhooked from my mower and have it charging with my car which my battery is 12v it reads on my multimeter 13.6 but when I do the same thing but have the battery hooked up to my mower and I test it, is doesn't charge it just reads the current voltage of what it has like... show more

I have a 2008 Scion TC with about 170000 miles on it. Everything has seems to be in running order, except the issue of burning oil. It started off as something small with normally I'd have to put a quart in every month. It's gradually gotten worse, and in the past 10 days I've put 5 quarts in it.... show more

I have four tires sized 275x65x18. The front tire is very worn down and it’s failure is imment. I do have a full size spare that is sized 275x60x18. Can I swap the spare tire out for about a week or two at most just to get me to and from work safely, without causing major damage to my truck? The vehicle is a 06... show more

I opened my radiator cap when my car was still hot. The coolant splashed out and some of my electrical wirings got wet.. so i hosed it with water and wiped.. Will my wirings get damaged? I am scared.. Please no hateful comments. What should I do?

How long can I power my TV?

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So I was curious how long my TV would run from a 12V battery.. It uses 45w of power and takes a 240V power supply.. So for the amps it s 45w divided by 240v = 0.1875 Amps.. The 12v battery is rated at 68Ah. How long could I run a TV from my car bettery before it went flat and would require a jump? Thanks

Best answer: Many places sell them but only an auto upholsterer will install them.

4 months ago I purchased a used, certified 2015 Dodge Dart with 62,000 miles (100,000 miles/10 year warranty). 2 months after my purchase it needed a new oil pressure sensor. Several weeks after that the oil switch needed replacing. I went into the service center to have the car's inspection done 2 weeks... show more

How fast is VTEC?

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well my friend in his Civic SI 2017 was racing some of our friends. He tried to race this Chrysler 200 Sport and he lost madly. Is there a reason why? The Chrysler 200 seems to have a weak engine, and people keep saying the SI is one of the fastest street legal cars out there. BQ: How would a VTEC car do... show more

Best answer: Accurate: the gun shoots consistently near the target Precise: gun has a really good grouping but may be off target GPS has a little bit of both. Speedometer has a little bit of both. It's not a tie. The speedometer only knows how many times the wheels rotated. GPS relies on location with a small margin of... show more