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Do tires matter?

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Normally vehicles last about 150,000 miles, would replacing the engine with another similar engine help expand it's lifespan, IE make it last longer than 150,000 miles?

Could this be an honest mistake?

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I thought I had found a good, honest mechanic.. until he told me my cars' engine oil needed changing. Funny thing is I had changed it myself just 2 days earlier! Is it POSSIBLE he made an honest mistake or am I right in assuming he's really a crook?

Best answer: Dexron II hasn't been available for quite some time, but ALL Dexron transmission fluids are backwards compatible. You can still find Dexron III at most auto stores, and it's nice & cheap. Since about 2006, GM has been using Dexron VI (6) in all their automatic transmissions, and that will work for your... show more

Five months ago I had new front brake pads and rotors installed (Honda Civic) at a local non-dealer garage. Now they are making grinding noise when the brake pedal is applied. A trip back to the garage revealed the rotors were warped. The invoice said they were warrantied for two years, but the garage said the... show more

For a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

Would you buy a car with "Check Engine" "Maintenance Required" "ABS" or "TPMS" on?

My car is a 2003 Honda Element 4 speed auto awd. Lately I’ve been posting questions here(I’m sure some of you know) and some answers have been suggesting that Honda’s need a Valve adjustment every 60k. The thing is, my car has almost 140,000 miles and the engine revs healthily and the car sounds quiet when warmed... show more

I woke up to this

An extra key to use if you lock yourself out. Is this possible?

My car threw a rod the other day and pierced a hole right thru the engine block. I had to park it on the streets and just got a warning slip that I cannot park the car on that street. It’s only a mile away from home and the car does turn on drive but I don’t want to risk damaging the engine more until I fix the... show more

I have purchased my dream car a 2008 Audi s5 it has a v8 4.2 liter 6 speed car has 160,000 klms on it I got a great deal on the car known the current issue it has Looking for some advice on here before bringing it to a dealer or mechanic When putting the car in reverse just does a grinding sound and ... show more

Mirror on 2018 Toyota Tacoma broke off and dealer wants $1000 to replace it. Is this a ripoff?

Should I sell my car or not?

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I crashed my corolla after I made a bad decision and decided to take a short cut by cutting across a road. The cost of fixing the car will not be less than 4,000 dollars. Almost half of the car is dented. I was fine though.

Okay so she’s considering buying out her lease and I recommended against it since she rarely changed her oil. Say she went 17,000 without changing oil, how bad is that?

Best answer: I always sell customers rotors when doing brake pads and only use premium brake pads. I don't mark up parts prices. Even if the rotors are not grooved there is a glaze burnt into the old rotors that will cause brake fade and rotor warpage