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How can I make 3000 dollars a month on min wage?

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Are managers allowed to ask you to put your phones away?

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This one time, my manager asked me to put my phone in the “back” (breakroom) because she saw me on it. Is she allowed to do that?

I texted my boss "i feel insecure while im working" could i be fired?

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Can your boss fire you without telling you?

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Should I list her as beneficiary, dependent, or both??

Why are seniors (70+) stealing minimum wage jobs from younger people,?

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I noticed they are taking cashier, janitor, security, and other jobs .Many young people are trying to get those jobs, and the positions are taken.

Co-worker complained about the noise from the date stamp?

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Best answer: Ask your boss for a stamp that causes less noise. This lady must have ADD if she's distracted by that. Maybe you should talk to HR about the complaint, and let them know that you've done nothing wrong.

Why do people look down on those who work in McDonalds?

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Best answer: Everyone works hard so they don't need to work in fast food...but everyone needs to start somewhere. Honestly, some people are just miserable and they take it out on those they consider less than themselves...when in reality, anyone being rude to a fast food worker is the problem.

What would you do? And what’s the best way to leave a job with integrity?

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I currently work a dead-end job with a boss whose expectations are not only unclear, but often unreasonable. The environment is stressful, and many don’t feel respected. As a result, three of my coworkers have resigned over the last few months. I feel like I don’t have a way out because my boss is counting on me,... show more

How long does the process it take to get fired or suspended for a job?

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Apparantely one of my supervisors reported me to the higher ups (head office) for breaking the company rules. And I'm in trouble.It's been a week and I haven't heard anything. Does it take this long?

Best answer: (1) That really sucks. The likelihood is that, your promotion was contingent upon the other person’s departure. Since that person didn’t actually depart yet, the spot isn’t officially vacated. This is just a manner of reasoning. (2) You can always call your company’s Human Resources Department but make it... show more

Best answer: The corporations I worked for all have had programs to help employees enhance their education as long as it was in the field they worked . Smaller companies may not have these benefits but the only way to know is ask . " Hay, will our company help me pay to go to school for an associates degree in my field... show more

How do I deal with a co-worker who blows hot and cold?

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Obviously we do no wrong to warrant this attitude. This early 60 year old woman in our office now and again won't speak to certain ones in the office, and now it's my turn. What's the psychology behind this behaviour? It doesn't affect my work, but at the same time, it is unpleasant and I have to... show more

How long do you wait after an interview before applying elsewhere?

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I had an interview at the headquarters location of a major company a little over a week ago. I followed up with a thank you note two days later and was told they would follow up with me when they got feedback from each manager I interviewed with (a total of 4). How long should I wait before either reaching out to... show more

I always cry on the way to work?

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I know it sounds silly but I always find myself crying involuntarily on the way to work. My job isn't even that bad it's just a dumb waiter job. I don't hate the job either. I don't know why I'm crying. It's like a weird reaction that I can't control. Does this happen to anyone else? Or... show more

Do you work in an office?

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Best answer: I did, until August.

Is store manager/assistant store manager a job anyone can do?

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Or does not everyone have management abilities for retail?

What kind of job pays $350-500 a week?

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Best answer: our minimum wage is $12 so any job would pay that. If minimum was 7.25 you would need a small amount of skill to earn 25K a year or less. Truck driver, gutter cleaner, roofer almost any skilled job or hard job. Unskilled like retail or fast food probably pays less. Waiting tables should pay that or more with tips.

How soon is “too soon” to quit a new job?

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Keep in mind this is a customer service retail job, not an office job. I’ve wanted to work at this company for years, and when they finally decided to interview/hire me I got so excited and accept the position without any hesitation. I then realized the job was not what it was cracked up to be in my head. I thought... show more