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My parents have a horrible credit history, and they just put my name as a joint account holder without telling me. I do not own a personal credit card of any kind yet. Will this affect my future credit history?

How can I build my credit score fast? I am trying to sell my home to purchase another home, but the banks won’t approve me because my credit score is only 560 Are there any ways to build a credit score fast?

I got my daughter a car last year under my name. She is paying the monthly payments for it and she hasn’t missed any my question is when she turns 18 can she take over the payments through her own credit to help build it

Recently made a purchase online and just got an email saying my purchase was cancelled. At the time of the purchase, they charged my card, and after it was cancelled, my money was refunded. On my debit card, my middle initial is on it. When i typed my billing info for my original order, i left out my middle... show more

Best answer: If you aren't delinquent, they don't care. Make those minimum payments until you die. If you cease paying, they will write off the debt as a loss and sell it to a collection agency...they will be the ones to sue you.

Best answer: There's a lot of overlap. Some MasterCards are credit cards and some credit cards are MasterCards. (Other credit cards include Visa, Discover, American Express, etc.) Other MasterCards are debit cards. A "Master" card means a card processed through a certain network called... show more

Payloan help !!!!?

5 answers · 6 hours ago
My boyfriend has been silly enough to get a payday loan way before I met him , he’s finally just paid it off after many final demand letters , but now he’s still receiving phone calls from other companies saying they bought the loan off Sunny Loans and owes them 2k+ , can anyone give me some advice on what to do ?

I paid $3000 for my credit card accidentally, when I was only supposed to pay $300 I entered the wrong amount and when I contacted my credit card company they said they will review the refund whether they approve or deny the request. Do you think they will approve or deny it?

How do i change my credit card #?

18 answers · 6 days ago

Ok so here s the thing. Ive been seeing a chiropractor for about three weeks. Every 30th of the month I make one payment. I gave them my debit card which they ask for to make the payment. No problem. However they ask for two debit cards for a backup. Now before y all go crazy and start saying it s sketchy or I m... show more

I got scammed wht should I do?

5 answers · 20 hours ago
So umm I bought a service for 1300 dollars and it wasnt fully delivered. I have no proof of that and I signed their receipts and everything. They have proof I authorized the purchase but I dont have any proof that they didnt do what they were supposed to. Any thing I can do? It was a debit card transaction using... show more

Can a lien be rolled over to you?

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My grandmother let me have her car which she was making payments on. I paid the car off and put the title in my name. I traded the car in recently and was told there's a lien on it. Will that affect my credit in any way if the car was originally my grandmothers?

which unsecured credit cards are easiest to be approved for? what credit score is the minimum requirement for most unsecured credit cards?