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I also lost my license and credit cards with them it was all in my wallet and normally I don’t carry the card but I was today for a job

I got a letter saying my wages may be garnished, but I am unemployed. My bf and I share a bank account, will they take his money?

I have 5 cards and they are all maxed out. My plan is to focus on the highest interest card and make extra payments on that while paying only the minimum on my other cards. If the other credit card companies see me only paying the minimum, will they close my account?

at a fraction of the cost?

I didn’t hear from a collection agency but the credit card company said if i dont pay they will charge it off they want $700 minimum payment, I don’t have i sent them $20. What should i do? Im not currently working and live on disability I don’t want to cheat them but I can’t send them what I don’t have

Basically my dad is buying me something off amazon, and when he ordered it (It’s not shipped yet) he removed his card right away. So does it still go through because when I check orders it still says it being charged to my dads card.

Years ago I paid off my credit cards because I didnt like making monthly payments and I hate owning people. At the moment I have nothing but debit cards. no car yet, not too many bill's and I'm even questioning why my credit score is soo low. Maybe I have some kind of debt that I cant remember, I dont know.... show more

My husband and I are really anxious to start our rental property business. But I dont want to jump into it before paying down my current debts because they are bad debts and I am worried that we wont get approved for too much since my credit history shows three credit card balances and one personal loan. So thats... show more

I owe my credit card 5K and they keep calling and calling me but I don't answer. My debt is already in collections and I've already gotten a letter months ago saying they're going to sue me.. I have been unemployed for a few months and finally got a job but haven't started working yet.. Could the... show more

Best answer: He should be able to. But an easier solution is for him to write a check for $5,000 payable to Chase, mail it to you, which you then enclose with your bill when you mail it to Chase. Another option, if you fully trust your brother, is to mail him the bill, which he then sends to Chase with his check enclosed.

Am I obligated to pay this debt?

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I enrolled in a program at Humber College last year but I didn’t complete it. A couple months ago I got a call from a 3rd party collections agency about the debt that I owe. I was told that if I ask for a signed contract from the agency and they are unable to provide one they have to get rid of what I owe. Is that... show more

I have had my credit card for just a little over a year now (first one) and have never missed a payment, or have been short on the balance (so I have never collected interest).... This month was a little rough for me, and I had to put a few charges on my card that I knew I did not have the money for... I am about... show more

I owe 5,000 and the car re sell value is way under it the car Has expired Plates from California and idk if I should just register the car to PA or what not sure if they’ll let me even transfer the car with lien any help here ?

I checked site called credit karma. I dont know if it s legit or not. I m kinda doubtful of it. They showed me my credit score and it wasnt something I was impressed with. Years ago I paid off all my credit cards because I didnt like having to make monthly payments. Do you think getting a new credit card would help... show more

Best answer: It can take between two to three years for a debt to move from collections to an actual court case. During that time, the debt may be accumulating fees. When it becomes a court case, court fees and attorney fees will be added and interest might be allowed. If a payment arrangement can't be reached, then your... show more

Best answer: If you don't trust the website with your real name - why are you trusting them with your card information. If you have a credit card that has a name on it that is not your name - you are committing credit card fraud and that is a crime. If you list a different name as the "name on the card" than the... show more

I haven’t build my credit and don’t know where to start. I don’t owe nothing so basically I have a thin file or no credit score . I want to take out a personal loan or a credit card . 1 to build my credit score and the 2nd reason is because I actually need the money for a personal reason. I do have a bank account.