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I know if rates rise, then people won't want to buy older bonds with the low rates (unless they sell them at a discount). But, does that mean if rates fall then older bonds (w/ the higher rates) can charge even more???

I decided that instead of putting all my extra savings in a bank account I will invest half into a the market. Im looking for stocks that will go up long term and are on the low risk side.

Are franchises a good investment?

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I was recently trying to a buy call option on td ameritrade under an UTMA brokerage account. It rejected the order saying "this account isn't approved for this level of options trading", but all I was doing was buying an option, which means I can only loose the amount I spend on the option, so why is... show more

I'm in my early twenties exploring retirement plan options. I collect precious metal coins and bars and sell them for profit, but have never looked into an IRA that utilizes precious metals for money rather than paper money. Obviously the value of precious metals can drop and rise, but paper money can also... show more

The scheme was fairly simple. When someone "invested" with Madoff, Madoff simply deposited that money into his personal Chase Manhattan bank account. And when someone requested a redemption, Madoff paid it out of the same account. As long as the amount of the deposits exceeded the amount of redemption... show more

Bullish or bearish about business?

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I'm in grade 11 and have a marketing exam today. The main question is if I am bullish or bearish about world business and I need to give three reasons why. I also need recent business news to back up my answer. I am not too sure how to approach this question. Thanks!

How do I buy stock in Allbirds?

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Best answer: You can't. They aren't a public company, and don't appear to be looking for private investors.

I only have $500 to invest, could I lose all of that and more?

For example ; You have a groupchat with let’s say 200 members and you give them a signal to buy a particular stock because you believe it will start pushing up. Then after it pushes up you believe it will start coming down so you tell them to sell. What’s the legality behind this? Thank you!