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Buy a car or go on nice vacation?

14 answers · 12 hours ago
First off, please don't answer, "Do what you want to do." If I could make a choice I wouldn't be on here. I'm 25 and don't own a car. I've gone to NY the last couple years for vacation but want to go oversees, maybe England next year. I've saved up some money and could use it to... show more

Best answer: 1. Moved to less expensive apartment two years ago. Saving $100 a month. 2. Gave up my carport. Saving $30 a month. 3. No longer buy books; go to library. 4. Do my own nails now instead of getting them done professionally. Save a minimum of $30 a month but I still get a pedicure in June. 5. Stopped getting... show more

Best answer: For the most part, yes. Most people do end up working jobs just to make ends meet. What percentage of income do most people probably get to save is going to fluctuate, a ton. You might have 10% of people who are between the ages of 16 and 21, who live at home, that might save 70% of their money VS. someone who... show more

Gas question, please help?

10 answers · 2 days ago
I put $20 dollars worth of gas in my tank. But I checked my account it said I only had $12. & it took out $1 Pretty much saying I didn’t have enough money to be putting $20 in gas. Is this bad? I don’t get paid till Friday and it’s Sunday today.

that do not have at least the potential to make the money back? Sure, you can get all the worthless degrees you want. I think that knowledge for the sake of knowledge is a great thing. But I don't want to go into debt for a hobby.

I know decisions and opportunities are a factor, but some people have that and still struggle. What's the point of life. It always feels like a rat race, and some have it better than others no matter what. Why?

How can I borrow 1000?

11 answers · 4 days ago
Hey what are some ways I can borrow $1000 I'm out of work right now looking and I need it urgently to pay a fee for school asap I will be able to pay it back

Am I considered employed?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: You are employed on the day you start working so until then you are unemployed

My car was repossessed due to what I believe is technical errors when I had tried to set up my recurring payment plan. Regardless, im in quite the predicament. If i dont have the loan pay off within a certain amount of time; they will sell my car at auction and I will be responsible for the deficiency. What my... show more

Yeah you know I want to buy a Real Doll for the companionship but I don't have $6000 at the moment. What is the best bank to get a loan from, and what should I say the loan is for?

Best answer: No, you are not overstepping your boundaries. I'm married to an idiot like him and was lied to for many years. He never agreed to one bank account and after many years, I learned how screwed I was when all of my money was gone - not invested where it was supposed to be. Some of it was outright theft. I hope... show more

I opened a new savings account at a Wells Fargo in California and I deposited $5000 in cash at the branch after opening the account. The banker asked me many questions about the source of the money. I'm concerned my deposit was reported as a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). The money is legally mine and I paid... show more

How do I legally rob a bank?

8 answers · 5 days ago
Robert Kiyosaki talks about himself robbing banks legally but I can not find anything on him going into detail

My online school scammed me. They are being sued but I can not sure them or join the law suit because they had me to sign some type of paper saying that I can't. It's my fault for signing without understanding, but I refuse to pay them 6000 dollars I do not owe. Is there a way to boost credit without paying... show more