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I live in an 8 unit apartment in michigan. The landlady lives in one of the units. She feeds every stray cat in the neighborhood in our parkinglot. A few weeks ago, I accidentally backed over a cat. She rushed it to the vet and expects me to pay for the vet bills (nearly $2000). She has knocked on my door... show more

Basically our landlord sent us a paper in the mail saying we had to be out of our house by December 1st because he is selling the house. Our lease doesn t end til June, and we ve never paid rent late or broken any of the rules for him to randomly make us leave. Also, in the paper it says "December s rent must... show more

Why won't she help us??

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Hey guys, so my girlfriend and I are both 26 years old, and we are expecting a baby soon but a few months earlier this year we both had to move back to our parent's house, because I was evicted from my apartment for non payment, but I tried paying the rent every month, but every month the rent would just get... show more

Basically if you have a UK tenancy agreement and refuse to pay on time or build up arrears, can the landlord evict you if you do not pay ? The Section 8 notices for possession say you can only use these reasons for eviction if it is in your tenancy agreement.

I was putting together a lease, and wondering about late rent. Home is renting at $1000/m. I have a late rent charge of $25 after the 5th day. Due 1st, 5 day grace to 6th (for Friday Checks if needed), then on the 7th I add it. Let's say someone doesn't pay until the 20th, can you, or have you, added... show more

Best answer: fill out the application

I’ve been renting a room to a girl for about 1 month 1/2. I told her that she needs to leave in two weeks because she has been causing nothing but trouble in my home with my 3 kids. There has already been 2 times that she has called the cops because of some problem that she has with people she’s bringing to my home... show more

Best answer: If only your name is on the deed, you own it, but if she sues you, no telling what can happen. You'd likely be ordered to pay her something for her share.


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I was asked "Do you even have your own apartment".. Here's the deal kid... I have a whole lot better than my own apartment. I have a house that most people can't afford. Most people here can't afford a $390,000 house. Most people anywhere where they live, can't afford the kind of a... show more

Short sale benefits who?

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Best answer: There are lots of reasons why a lender may reject your offer. For example the property hasn't been on the market long, they believe the value is more than the asking price, they wouldn't trust your valuation because your lesser bid is self serving, the lender isn't convinced the owner can't... show more

My sister is on the lease with her now ex bf. He broke up with her and told her she had to leave. She told him she would move her things out the next day to avoide as much conflict as possible as he was threatening her. Long story short, he told her she also owed for the next 2 months rent since she was breaking... show more

I'm moving into a new share house however I cannot move in for another 3 weeks but the room is currently vacant. So the people there have asked me to pay just under 3 weeks rent ($300) to "cover" the next three weeks and help subsidise the cost for them (because they're currently paying for all 3... show more

Why is my neighbor’s door unlocked?

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I moved into this apartment two months ago and my neighbor across the hall recently moved out “I guess”. When I left out of my apartment this morning I noticed the wind blowing very loud. I was very eager to know, as I’ve been hearing it everyone morning. I shook the handle and their door was unlocked. Is this... show more

Best answer: Short answer No; the legal answer is this: Pipes generally only freeze if the weather is below 20 degrees for several consecutive days. Pipes should be insulated. Wisconsin winters are indeed extremely cold; even in New Jersey, I have dealt with frozen pipes but avoided bursts by opening taps. Pipes do not burst... show more

Tenants and landlord?

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My tenant told me that he got a job offer from a general contractor, but he needs to open his own company. And the city is asking him for a written letter from me (the landlord) and have it notarize to prove that he lives there to recieved documents in mail. Because the lease agreement alone is not enough. Should I... show more

I'm 26 years old and for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to live in Oahu, Hawaii. I've worked really hard to save up as much money as possible and I've finally hit $100k in my savings account. I'm single, no pets, and no furniture since I've been renting a fully furnished apartment... show more