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Should I buy this house?

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I'm considering buying a house closer to where I work. It's 125,000. After everything is paid monthly i'll have about $200 - $400 dollars left over. I'll have to tighten the belt a lot but I feel I can make this work. I have no debt (paid off my student loan a few months ago), and only have a modest... show more

A tenant wrote a check for the rent. The check was returned for Non Sufficient Funds. According to the Law, the Landlord does not have to accept a personal check from that tenant for up to 3 months. Landlord wants cash from the tenant, rightfully so, however if the landlord wants the tenant to pay in Cash, the... show more

Best answer: If the apartment does not provide electricity, you need to get it setup in your own name.

Best answer: As long as you are given proper notice of the change this is legal.

So my landlord decided to do some sort of maintenance to every unit in the building...its saying that this maintenance will be back charged to the unit and must be payed within 30 day....but i didn't decide on this maintenance nor do i need it.

i decided to room with a friend last year in college. things did not go so well and now we are not exactly friends. i payed her my last rent check on June 2nd, and she still has not deposited it, and i assume it is because we are not on good terms and she is being spiteful. i have asked her to deposit the check... show more

He installed this bright flood light that blinks all day long when it's sunny. At night he turns on a different light that blinks much faster. Is he crazy or something?

Best answer: it will make the situation worse. So it went down again? I have a land.... will the price drop?

Best answer: I can be done, but like others have said you may have a zoning problem. A friend of mine did some investing with a long-time friend and he had both wive's sign some kind of document that the wives would NEVER be partners. The men didn't EVER want to hear from a divorce lawyer.

Lomg story short, my girlfriend moved in with me after not getting along with her previous roommates at a different house at the end of her lease. She has been staying with me for 4 months in my apartment, but was never put on the lease. We are now trying to get a new apartment, but what should we put for current... show more

Best answer: The rule is that it should look the way it did when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

except mortgage?

"If you or any guest or occupant is present, the repairers, servicers, contractors, government representatives, lenders, appraisers, prospective residents or buyers, insurance agents, persons authorized to enter under your rental application, or our representatives may peacefully enter the apartment at... show more

Best answer: It is your property not his. You are liable.

Best answer: "I will be recording this walk through. Your failure to accept this recording will be used against you in court. Do you consent to being recorded during this inspection?" If they say no, turn off the camera and ask for a different person to inspect. Or, you could be shady, confirm you life in a... show more