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When I first moved into my complex (1 year ago) dogs were allowed up to 5lbs. Around that time I recused a puppy and kept it in my apartment for a week while I was looking for him a good home. My landlord found out i had a puppy, and told me I couldn't keep it because it would get bigger. I explained that I was... show more

My girlfriend's dad is building a house, and he says that he's gonna see if theres something that can be done to where if something happens to him that the house can't be sold. Is that possible? Wouldnt there be a legal way around this? This is in the state of north carolina if it makes a difference.... show more

deposit check without the buyers initially seeing the house, so the house can go immediately under contract for the buyer, with the stipulation that the buyer has a 10 day due diligence period to see and inspect the house, and if needed back out of the deal. Yet, the buyer may like the house, and buy it. Of... show more

If a landlord is made aware by the electricity company that they need to turn off the power because they are doing works in the street. Does the landlord then have to give notice to the tenant that the power being cut?

My landlord and myself signed my lease renewal today. I got an email stating that the rent was higher than what was listed on the contract. I called the apartment office and they said they forgot to add the pet rent and made a typo with the rent itself. Can they charge me more than what's listed on the signed... show more

My good friend is a real estate agent and I was thinking about using her to sell my place but I am hesitant because I don’t know if it is a good idea to mix business with friendship. I also have a feeling she would be offended if I didn’t ask her. Would you use a friend as your real estate agent? If not, how would... show more

Landlord Lease Breach?

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So, my landlord has recently went from a nice guy to pissed of **** to me and my roommate. He came into house and bitched out my one roommate when I was gone, about dishes on counter and "Have you even swept this week, this house is too nice for it to be treated like this". (House was clean he was just... show more

Me and my family have lived in our current apartment for over 30 years 24 for me and there is a lot of wear and tear my landlord has never replaced carpets painted or replaced any flooring or done any work on the cabinets. Most things we have fixed on our own over the years. Long story short I m looking to move... show more

Best answer: If the terms are cash only, it means the seller will not accept a sale that requires a buyer to get outside financing through a lender. It doesn't matter how good your credit is. Obtaining financing takes time a seller may not have, or want to wait for, and bank financing requires an appraisal and sometimes... show more

I don’t like my roommate. Like, this is a toxic situation I’m in. I don’t want to talk about this, I want to leave. I just want out. Is there a way to break the lease so I can move out?

Best answer: Generally speaking, it actually drives rent up due to increased demand for rental units....

How to legally withhold rent in mn?

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I just wanted to explain to her why I'm evicting her instead of getting an angry call at 6am. Also maybe she won't vandalize my home?

Moved into an apartment (took over someone else’s lease) but was never given/put onto a lease or anything (old person’s name is still on the lease, never changed over to me) Fast forward a few months, I end up having an issue with one of the roommates, and tell everyone a month in advance I’m moving out. I didn’t... show more

Best answer: No. But the good news is that you don't have to apply for it every year as long as you remain in the same home.

How much should I charge for rent?

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I am renting a 3 bedroom house with two others. All the rooms are the same size but one has an attached bathroom and the other two will have to share a bathroom. Total rent for the house is 1825. Should the person with the attached bathroom pay more? And then the question is how much more would their share... show more