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I've always wondered this since restaurants mostly have customers pay for their order towards the end of their visit. If I were to eat at a restaurant, receive the bill and not be able to pay for it due to not having enough money on me... what would happen?

I've been out three times and been served horrid wine which I've refused to pay for. I also needed to explain that for this reason I wouldn't be leaving a tip. has anyone else noticed this?

I went to a bbq place w/ my family and I told my dad my order when he was at the counter, then went to sit at our table with my mom. He comes back with his and my mom’s order and I eat up that half pound good. It hadn’t been 20 minutes when I finished it along with my serving of mac and cheese. My family seemed... show more

Best answer: A lot of restaurants will not take a reservation for "a party of one". Howsoever, that never stopped me from dining alone. The problem I have with dining by myself is not the fact that I get to enjoy a peaceful dinner by myself, it is the ridiculous pathetic look I get from the hostess who says... show more

Best answer: Red Lobster for dinner or Chinese Dim Sum for a lazy lunch

It was all baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts in winter, now places seem to offering all kinds of salads and lighter, spring-time flavors.

My wife started working at a restaurant a week ago and they told her to make sure she brings money with her to make change for customers; the restaurant doesn’t supply individual tills/drawers, they just keep one and it’s only for breaking 50s and 100s. She has to keep using her tip money for change which means... show more

What could it be? When I touched the black stuff, it left a charcoal color smudge on my finger it was pure black. Is it part of the tea or something else?

Best answer: I only use the McDonald’s app for coupons if I do go. If you haven’t checked it out you should, it saves an extra dollar here and there.

Is Panda Express real Chinese food?

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I eat Panda Express everyday because I love it, it's so good. I usually order orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, rice, and chow mein. I eat it everyday for my lunch break. Is all of that real Chinese food?

Ubereats screwed me over the most I only ordered once from them and it took a PayPal dispute just to get half of my money back. The food was cold and it was literally leaking in the bottom of the bag. Postmates was going well for a while actually use them quite a few times. But with that being said my order has... show more

Best answer: you might choose sitting at a table instead of a booth, so it is easier for him