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Best answer: I'm American and have lived overseas. In Japan, we were told that tipping was an insult to the servers. They are salaried professionals. The service we received was always excellent, which eliminates the ridiculous argument that tipping is the only reason servers give good service. I've had similar... show more

Humans don't really eat strange meats like this.

I like drinking snapple fruit punch and apple flavored plastic bottle drinks, Goya Mango Nectar, Starbucks vanilla frappuccino, McDonald's Sweet tea, Shrimp broccoli with fried rice, shrimp lo mein, steamed dumplings with dark sauce, seafood delight, mashed potatoes with gravy and chicken tenders, fish sticks... show more

They sit for a couple hours, chat, than leave there stuff on the table for me to clean. It’s a smaller local cafe so we don’t know what to do or have a policy.

Best answer: yes

Dining out needs to be more like the proletariat working class that support each other as a political class in which capitalism creates, and not like the disgusting bourgeois class that tips, or throws their change, at workers, if the workers please them satisfactorily.

Best answer: the word up is cheese so lay some on me man.

Best answer: Not if it is a good restaurant & you like the food.

Best answer: No, it's not too much if it's a place you like

What do you think of Red Robin?

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Best answer: Friends don't let friends eat at chain restaurants. Local is usually better.

Best answer: Not go there

Best answer: I have never even heard of them, so, no.

I ran into this problem yesterday at 1:00 p.m. I walked into a restaurant and mistakenly asked for 2 sausage dinners because I wanted to make sure the guy understood I didn't want sausage subs. A half-hour later I go to pick it up and was told the price was $40, but I only had $20 on me because that's what... show more

Best answer: 3-5 days.

They both more or less have the same food though....