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What's your favorite restaurant?

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Taking over tables as a server?

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Best answer: they know u will pick up their slack. next time just refuse. they are layabouts

Theres a restaurant that at night or when they are closed have their sign turn on but is too that cant even see the traffic lights that well.

Best answer: At home one is able to control ingredients whereas at restaurants + especially buffets it's about quantity / profit. To quote a friend from mine in college from outside the US, during a visit to the university cafeteria for lunch one day: " It tastes industrialized ! "

I have OCD and really don't like getting the door as I go through a lot of anxiety in interacting with people, is it alright to ask to leave the food on the porch or that strange? I'm very hungry and I'm not sure what to do.

Best answer: You should have not been ordering drinks under age. The bartender should have checked your I.D first. Yes, go up and ask. Talk to an owner or management if needed. Kicking áss is likely to not do you any good.

Best answer: Don't be a fool. A rack of ribs is a lot of food. You NEVER turn down a meal. Especially a meal at a restaurant where someone else is paying. If you eat all your food and IF you are still hungry after desert...then on your way home...stop at Burger king and get three Whoppers and eat them. At least if... show more

Best answer: Grow up. Nobody owns you money because you were upset. If poop makes you need to take a time out and compose yourself life is going to be really hard for you. Especially that time you or your wife is going to shoot out a grey, bloody, body thing with it's much grosser placenta, after it pooped on itself and... show more

I have no friends.

**** Move?

Best answer: Take it to go.

Rather then someone trying to way over tip them, if a guy tries to way over tip a waitress, do a lot of them think he has innapropiate sexual intentions behind it, so a lot of them don't accept it for that reason, unless they work at hooters where the whole point is to be objectified for tips

there's a chicken and a turkey fighting and the chicken is alive and the slogan is chickens come to stay or some shyt. why show a happy live chicken. they are killing them for kfc