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Is it to old to make friends?

9 answers · 2 days ago
So I'm 26 and I'm trying to turn my life around. I'm obese with a fatty liver, which I'm working on getting rid of. I've been applying for jobs to and got one in New York. I've got those two areas of my life in a right direction. My issue is the social part. Like it's complex. When I was... show more

Best answer: The dissertation is supposed to be original research. Sometimes, it's hard to be both original and interesting. I don't imagine that my dissertation will ever be made into a movie. However, parts of it were interesting to me and parts of it led to publications. One facet was a synonymy, a list of all the... show more

I really do not understand why people degrade community college. What’s the difference between going to Yale vs going to community college then transferring to a 4 year institute?. I mean let’s be FACTUAL here, you most likely won’t make any more money then someone starting off at a Community college. Not that... show more

Is college still worth it?

9 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: There is no value in getting a degree just to have one, it doesn't open doors like it used to. It would only be worth it if you were genuinely passionate about a specific field of study or had clear career goals in mind. You should get a part time job now if you haven't already. Being employed and having... show more

I am an only child and I just graduated high school. I am going to my dream school that I have wanted to attend for about 2 years now, and I am studying my dream career. I just am really nervous about jumping into the whole college experience. I have orientation in a couple weeks and I am still nervous about that... show more

Is it possible for me to major in registered nurse then continue to medical school? I want to be an OB/GYN. I personally want to major in Biology, but my parents keep telling me to do nursing first. Is it possible to major in nursing then attend medical school next? Thanks!

Best answer: Unless you've taken time off for internships, that's bad. Full time is usually 15 credits per semester. If it takes you six years, you must be repeating classes or changing majors.

I'm 21 and just getting into college and want to become a doctor. Problem is that I also want to have kids one day and my reproductive health has some issues and I wont be able to have kids by the time I hit my late 20s. Is it possible to have a family while also going to school? Most my friends are having... show more

Employment: Why did they hire me?

4 answers · 9 hours ago
Three weeks ago, I applied online for a position at a university in Admissions. The job post was for an applicant with experience in admissions. For the first interview, the Director of HR told me that many people hadn’t applied. During this interview, my supervisor told me that she’s looking for a person that is a... show more

Is my English bad?

8 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: There is nothing wrong with the short sample here except that you shouldn't have capitaliaed the 'w' in 'what'. ASK your lecturer what he means. We can't possibly know.

How hard is Calculus?

7 answers · 4 days ago
So I am going to be attending college this august, and my major will be Civil Engineering. I hear that a lot of calculus and chemistry is associated with this major. Exactly how hard is it to pass a college course centered around calculus when you know nothing about calculus?

Best answer: You need money, and a very great deal of it. Things you have not mentioned, which a med student friend clued me into. Car, insurance, operating expenses, maintenance - you cannot use public transportation to get to your rotations, etc. Shirt laundry: he went through at least 2-3 shirts/day. First week of school,... show more

They often play the game of making the slightest updates and present a new edition. It might be a new chart of something small, but such small changes don't represent a new edition for me.