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I swear people are idiots!

It was just discovered after I followed up with my PCP after a CT without contrast. Which one should I go to -- or should I go to both?

Best answer: Make an appointment to see your Doctor. If they decide you need to be tested, they will give you a referral to a Specialist.

I was working on a classic car that we r selling and I found 2 packs of cigs that are at least 20 years old, maybe even 30 or so. If I smoke thm will I die or will I b good? They were my grandpas and he died in 2001, right before I was born.

Best answer: Chemo and radiation - put the body on the loosing side of disease in my educated opinion. I graduated from nursing school with highest honors. But have had no desire to do nursing by traditional medicine - because most medicine hurts the body more than it helps.

Best answer: Bow-chikka-wow-wow.

Best answer: No, but its certainly disgusting, socially unacceptable, and perhaps a bit psychotic.

okay i am a 20 year old with autism who wants to drive a vehicle but i need to know how i can learn to drive safely with high functioning autism does anyone know how can i learn to drive safely without being distracted

What percentage of autistic people are pedophiles