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Do you hate your job?

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If it isn't what Bible verse tells them to support god anonymously and hide their support of him by remaining anonymous cowards?

I work for krogers

Teacher anxiety?

8 answers · 2 days ago
I just graduated high school, and I have known for about a year now that I want to be an elementary school teacher when I graduate college. I took a teacher preparation course in high school and I loved it, but I am now starting to have anxiety that teaching isn't the right career for me. I love kids of all... show more

Weird bump on back of hairline?

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I’m gonna 16 years old, and I did have cancer when I was 12. Which is why I’m here because I wanna make sure I don’t have it again without freaking out my parents. I think the main reason why I have this bump is because I wear my hair up a lot, and sometimes I wear it so tight that it pulls on my hairline,... show more

Strict teacher?

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So I pride myself in being a strict teacher, I feel as though students need discipline and need to learn respect aswell as the subjects. I’m known as the mean strict teacher in school as I don’t put up with bad behaviour. My kids don’t like it as I tell their friends off if they are misbehaving. I feel as though my... show more

Will you give me your heart?

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Best answer: Perhaps in a remote way. I sleep w/ the TV on and the last thing before I doze could be a comedy.

Best answer: Getting paid and getting laid

So I wrote my teacher from last semester a thank you card last week, as we were told to choose one teacher to thank at our school for this grad appreciation thing. I am sure the card was delivered to them, but I have not got any words back from him yet. I just saw my teacher in the hallway and they smiled and said... show more

Best answer: it started with racist democrats, and tenth left started using all those things to divide everyone and not have to discuss real issues and facts. since the truth is not on their side they just call people racist and sexist

Then they say, what you want me to teach you the test!? I want you to teach me the things you are going to test me on, yes...

the original sentence is: "I just wanted to interest my dearest friends with an afternoon watered of non-alcoholic wine" can that turn into: I just wanted to interest my dearest friends with a non-alcoholic wine watered of afternoon? trying to play with sentence around keeping same sense just to... show more

Best answer: Your question is terribly unclear but I THINK you mean that you were entitled to receive a YearBook without paying for it. But you lost me completely at the part where you did AND didn't pay $40 for it.

If I study English as a subject at university and I want to become an English teacher, do I need to specifically study to become a teacher or do I study English?