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Best answer: Here are the steps to becoming a registered nurse - https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/nurse/registered-nurse/ You will NOT be able to do everything online. You will need to have clinical training and experience.

Why do doctors have kids so late?

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I majored in the field of computer science, and graduated 2 months ago. I have been giving interviews since then but still I havent got a decent enough job to go for. I want to ask what are the steps i must take to get a high paying and respectable job in the industry. And my second question is what skills... show more

Meaning slim chance to find any jobs that require bachelor's degree and/or experience, even for those who already have years of work experience.

Is getting your ged hard?

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Is it hard and could anyone tell me the main subjects on there

Best answer: i think its a good way to get a job too

Many people choose to collect social security benefits at full retirement age, which is 67 for most people. You can also take early benefits at 62 which is a lower monthly payment, or wait until age 70 or 75 and get more per month. But let's say I retire at 62. And to be clear, social security will NOT be my... show more

It has created a generation of half-whits. Is this what dems meant by leveling the playing field for blacks? Lowering the educational standards for everyone.

Best answer: It's too much trouble to make a decision

Best answer: I'm sure some people have become violent at some point in time, but it's not in the norm. Calm and composed is also not necessarily the norm. Not sure why you think this is either/or. There is a whole lot of area in between those two extremes and that is where I would place most of the people I've... show more

I’ve loved computers and the idea of programming and learning how games are made and software since I was 10 years old but my downfall is I’m not the best at mathematics. Could this hold me down or is it doable? I’m trying to change my major from marketing to this

Best answer: This sentence. Not plural.

Is Code Academy a LESBIAN Academy?

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Best answer: Learn to code, you useless journalists.

It is important for children to know what the abuse is. I learn about holocaust during history class. I would like to see federal funding goes to the education to prevent child abuse. Teaching children in schools about sexual abuse may help them report abuse.