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Best answer: We made fun of the kids who had packed lunches. It was weird. Everyone ate hot lunches at my school. The poor kids got lunch for free. The semi-poor kids got lunch at a reduced price. Everyone else paid full price. Because everyone had to buy lunch credits that were added to a meal card, which parents... show more

What is the function of knowledge?

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Keep in mind that it is only for a few seconds and the child is about 4.

So planning to major in Bachelors in Mathematics Education, so After majoring in Bachelors in Mathematics Education (BMA) , what jobs i can choose?Is somebody going to hire with bachelors only?

Best answer: You are not trying at all if you don’t even attempt to do your school work. It is going to take a drastic change in your behavior to move forward. You have to want to change to make it work. You need to get a meeting with your teachers and tell them you want to move forward and catch up. You have got to mean it.... show more

Whenever we find a better, more efficient way of doing something the outdated method is completely abandoned. I remember when I was a kid at the doctors surgery there were large rooms with shelves, full of patient records. Now it s all on the computer. Same with floppy disks, morse code, walkman tape... show more

How can my son raise his GPA?

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My son is in college and he started off pretty bad. He currently has a 1.84 and needs his GPA to raise up 0.16 points (2.00). He currently has 26 credit hours and 48 grade points. His adviser spoke to him and told he needs 22 grade points since he's taking 9 credits this semester which will raise his total... show more

i am doing a research project and i can't find the answer for this one. someone please help!

Best answer: The school can only do so much.. When restricted kids just learn to sneak around the system. It’s also up to individual families to teach them compassion and empathy but I’ve already experienced first hand that some parents actually encourage their children to hurt others. When my daughter was being bullied by an... show more

I have an offer from a college, but I only want to go there if I don’t get an offer for my favourite college, but the first college wants me to accept or decline before I even have my interview for my favourite college. Can I accept this offer, and then accept the other as well if I get it, and then decline the... show more

Me and my boyfriend have been together since November, when counting the months we’ve been together so I count novememer (eg November, December, January, February = 4 months) or do I start counting from the next month? (Eg December, January, February = 3 months) always thought it was the second one but so many... show more

Best answer: You can start out with trade skill job and use it to advance to degrees in your best field. A vocational Aptitude test will show you your best field. The ASVAB may help. It's free online.