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Are you a lover or a fighter?

11 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: I'm a lover. I don't start fights, I finish them.

Did you cry today?

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Favourite composer?

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Best answer: No, hush your mouth is the equivalent G rated version.

Best answer: Yes, Those games were fun

Is it because eighties songs are tho most catchy

Best answer: People are pretty bad at holding themselves responsible for choosing a proper mate based on content of character. So unfortunately a lot of fellas end up thinking ALL women want status and money. It's because they don't choose women from good sources. that's how you end up with the nasty comments. Sorry. :( show more

How do I meow like a cat?

4 answers · 7 days ago
I'm in a play in which I have to be a cat.

So I have been sober for a while (23 yo male), but the boredom at night is so unbearable. I already workout (too much), and don't feel like watching tv all the time. I NEVER read any books but thinking about maybe starting. Anyone having any suggestions for this?

Best answer: Yeah, nobody ever listened to and enjoyed an Italian opera or Finnish metal even though they only speak English. It's not weird at all. Understanding the lyrics can add a level of enjoyment, but the overall sound, including the sound of the vocals, is the bottom line in music.

Best answer: Phase One: Loki Phase Two: Winter Soldier, followed closely by Ultron Phase Three: Erik Killmonger, followed closely by Thanos

Are pianos string instruments?

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Who is your favourite youtuber?

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Best answer: I used to all the time as a kid what a fun game enjoyed it much more than the other GTA games very šŸ˜ fun!

Best answer: Go for it and have a great time.

Best answer: Has he? I doubt he has. He was given an MBE, services to music in 2017. Plenty of unworthy people get them. Time to scrap the daft system, it seems all you need to do is write a few songs, run a few races and voila! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06...