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What is this girls problem with me?

15 answers · 3 days ago
I am a girl and I am a ballerina. There is this other girl who goes to my classes. She has stated to humiliate me in class in front of everyone and it’s started off affect my confidence about my ability. So we first started off chatting and got on pretty well. Since she has become more familiar with me, she feels... show more

Dance studio owners, HELP!!!!!?

4 answers · 2 days ago
So, I want to go to other studios in my area and teach a “master class” but 1. I do not consider my self a “master” & 2. I have no idea on how to reach out and basically say “Hey let me teach a lyrical and contemporary piece to your kids.” And sound professional. What do you say when they have no idea who you... show more

I have been a dancer since I was three. My older sister was too, but my mom let her quit when she was my age. I ve tried a lot of different genres and right now I m doing competitive hip hop. I really hate dance. She makes me go to classes hours and hours away for it. Every. single. Sunday. I usually get small... show more

Basically i’ve wanted to start dance forever, and i know this sounds like a pity party, but i’m having a regret induced breakdown at 3 am. I never played sports growing up because i never feel like they fit and i struggled with a lot of anxiety, but I remember being naturally kinda good at dance. I would ask my mom... show more

I thought about putting it in my locker but you never know who is watching your stuff. I have a lock on my locker and a travel lock on my duffle bag. I would keep it in my money bag but you never know who's watching your bag. Where's a good place to put it.

I'm a dancer. I have been since I was 3. I have always hated it and every year I've asked "Please don't sign me up for dance... Can I do basketball or art instead?" But this year she decided it would be good to sign me up for competitions without asking me. I've told her about my panic... show more

Best answer: No. Just make sure you practice a lot and perfect your routine to be as perfect as possible. Also, if you're afraid of the dance looking awkward, stick to easier steps. In the eyes of someone who doesn't know dance, it'll look to be about the same difficultly, but it will appear much, much neater.

We really want her to become a professional dancer. I saw that one of the girls on dance moms dances 80 hours a week and so that's what we have her doing at the moment. Usually from about 5:00 in the morning until 10 or 11 at night with a little break for lunch and dinner. At a minimum we have her do 12-14... show more

Is 18 too old to take ballet classes?

15 answers · 3 weeks ago
Hello, I am currently 18, almost 19, and for years I have wanted to take ballet classes. To clarify, I do not want to do it professionally, just as a hobby while I am in university. I was wondering if it is too late for me to start? A lot of studios in my area only seem to have beginning classes for children, so I... show more

Hello, I'm considering becoming a stripper soon. I was wondering how do you make it through the locker room? I mind my own business and don't start drama with people, but I know girls can be catty. Should I say hello and try to introduce myself, or just look forward and keep on walking? I know that if... show more

First of all I don’t think I suck. I enter dance battles and have advanced past the prelims many times, and gotten respect from other dancers and they’re really good. When I post a vid of me dancing the same guy always has something to say, he says I dance too fast and I’m sloppy and need to slow it down. However... show more

When I search online about the topic, many dancers who put in work say 'oh no such thing as a natural dancer' hahhahaha... Dont be silly. I havent taken a dance class in my life. And i am possibly one of the best dancers i have ever seen. I don't need to copy someones routine. I dont even want to. I... show more