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Best answer: No, that is not considered a soft-soled dance shoe. A soft-soled dance shoe does not have that much sole or heel, and has more flex. OK, I read your first question about a "play". Those may be soft soled shoes, and OK for a wood floor, but they are not soft-soled dance shoes. I suggest you talk to the... show more

What type of dancing do you do?

10 answers · 4 weeks ago
I prefer ballet or zumba. I am peruvian so I know all the latin dances. Would you ever do ballroom dancing?

Is ballet or swimming harder?

6 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Ballet. There are many techniques to master perfectly. But swimming poses a higher risk

I look like a dancing worm?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
I am a hip hop dancer. And I feel I am the worst dancer in my group. Other girls are skinny, but they look good when theyre dancing, but when I am dancing I look akward, because I am literally a stick, I love dance, dance is part of my life, its just i dont lookw good when I dance, but in my mind I think im killing... show more

Best answer: Add a couple of strength and flexibility exercises to your daily practice routine and then see how it goes in a couple of weeks. Strength and flexibility training isn't instant, so it will take 2-3 weeks to see a difference.

I’ve been dancing all my life and thought about opening up my own studio one day. do I need to go to college since it’s a business? If so what classes are essential? Thank you!

Is this a good dancing pose?

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Do I need to work on my posture? https://m.imgur.com/GsCp6U4

Best answer: Stretch it out. It could be magnesium/potassium deficiency (eat a banana, take vit. B complex), or just because you haven't stretched enough.

This sounds absolutely terrible and if you are a dancer then you are going to slap me through this screen. Tomorrow is my performance and I decided to get a pedicure, (I haven’t been trimming them down because I was so busy for practice) and mind you I have been practicing everyday for 8 hours. (For those who are... show more

How would you react?

7 answers · 1 month ago
-finding out that a shy quiet girl has the talent to dance well? (hip hop for example)

My friend and I are both education majors. We have a lot in common, we always played sports together and both have brothers and no sisters. She doesn't know how to dance, and never got the opportunity to as a child because her parents wanted her in other sports. She does know a lot about dance moves and dance... show more

Best answer: Either just say you don't want to dance, or bandage an ankle and plead injury!

ballet is the only thing in life that makes me feel so happy. It’s what i wish I could have as my job. I’m pretty studious, but trust me I would fail all my classes if it meant i could use that time to practice and that i would become a professional ballerina. It’s just not possible for me - I’m too tall, not... show more

Considering they look like kids, is it possible for a teen to compete with a lyrical dance at the junior category?

Best answer: Too young? Many places offer adult beginner ballet lessons. Join in give it a try.

Why can’t i do double pirouettes?

5 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Pull up, find your core and spot. It just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice, Some pick up on it faster than others. Don’t give up.