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I am so Sick of seeing naked women in every movie!! It’s not fair you never see a naked man or it’s by far less likely than seeing girls. It gets really annoying. I just want to watch a movie and not nude women.

Tampon purveyor making comeback across America?

5 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 5 days ago
Best answer: I think we gals can all figure this out without help.

Best answer: Nurse. Sorry but it takes a lot more effort, cost, and time to train someone to become a nurse than it does to do basic mine work. Also, nurses help people. Coal hurts everyone.

R&P:How do you like my avatar?

9 answers · Tarragona · 2 weeks ago

Without hiring one online, where would you find a translator?

8 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I guess you could check the classified ads, or just happen to know someone who needs a translator. You pretty much need connections to get started in that kind of work if you're refusing to use the Internet, but that really goes for just about any job these days.

Best answer: The hate always comes from the people who won. Then they can say whatever they want. Only ignorant people will believe every word they say is true. If you do research you’d find most of it to be false probably. All people back in the day were crazy like that.

Who Provide Best Escort Service in Bangalore?

6 answers · Bangalore · 2 weeks ago

Which is the best and reliable steel component manufacturer?

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Is Idris Elba considered English?

10 answers · Tarragona · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Simple... he is English by nationality, but not by ethnicity/ancestry.

What uk stores deliver to perth australia?

4 answers · Perth · 3 weeks ago

London Nannys, is 150£ a week a good bargain?

4 answers · London · 3 weeks ago
In London how much do nannys make if they are living with the family that is payng them? Is 150£ a week cheap(having one day off a week)?

How come I am not considered Anglo-Saxon?

8 answers · Tarragona · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Do you speak german and danish as well?

I only been working at my job for a week in the beginning I was doing bad but now I finally caught on and am told constantly that I’m doing a good job compared to my other job of getting bullied all the time and belittled..will it’s gonna be a big snow storm later today so I called out of work..I feel really bad I... show more