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What will you be doing on march 29th 2019?

17 answers · Current Events · 12 hours ago

What should the new Independent party be called?

21 answers · Other - News & Events · 1 day ago
Best answer: Funny Tinge Ltd.

It has now been revealed that Shamina Begum has been deemed a Bangladeshi citizen who can be stripped of her British dual citizenship without being rendered stateless by virtue of Bangladesh conferring citizenship on children born to Bangladeshis in any country and her mother being Bangladeshi. If the Home Office... show more

Why doesn't Trump address the rising rates of domestic terrorism? How much of a problem is this to you? WASHINGTON — A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant working in the nation's capital lived a secret life as a "domestic terrorist" who aspired to mass murder and compiled a target list of prominent... show more

Best answer: The process can go on for a year or more.

Why is there so little sympathy for Shemima Begum ?

43 answers · Current Events · 3 days ago
Best answer: Lol, I love your irony. Trouble is you're spot on, and the stupid liberal pc brigade will come to her rescue. I dont want these terrorist living on our streets.

Should they should have the courage of their convictions and seek the endorsement from their constituents?

How many there should be: 0 ___________________ Which human group is more deserving of intense positive attention and elevation to special status? A racial type with high general physical attractiveness and the defensive advantage of being on islands (British Isles, Australia, New Zealand etc), making... show more

What's the one issue that separates Tory and Labour voters?

12 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago
I think it's welfare breeders. Labour sympathise with them, Tory voters don't

So what is Bill O’Reilly doing these days?

11 answers · Media & Journalism · 17 hours ago

Is this the end of The Labour Party?

32 answers · Current Events · 3 days ago

Did the drug war just take a major blow today?

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The Supreme Court ruled that seizing a mans $42000 Land Rover over $400 of heroin was an "excessive fine" by Indiana. That has some pretty far reaching consequences.

Best answer: Oh dear. Looks like you've upset a couple of the brainwashed cult members.

Trump cautioned that time is running out for Maduro and that those who have been slow to embrace the opposition leader, whom the U.S. recognized as that nation's legitimate president last month, are confronted with a perilous choice as the world watches. Trump specifically addressed the military, saying that... show more

Best answer: Jail and a deradicalization program and only release on review and then further appointments for review

Best answer: The vile creature known as harrison and ALL of his multiple accounts.