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Do conservatives flat simply lack the brains to UNDERSTAND what high property values mean?

When did this world officially become a toilet ?

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'Incredibly, the stark summary is still a relatively conservative assessment of the consequences we might face if global warming does exceed 1.5C.' 'It is written in matter-of-fact language, but it omits some of the biggest risks of climate change, which are described in the full text.' 'For... show more

What are your views on taxation ... ?

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... general principles and, in particular, as a means of tackling global warming and climate change?

Did warming end in 2000?

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I rhetorically ask this because JimZ said "From about 1980 onward, there was a minor warming trend which ended about 2000."

'Donald Trump suggests he does not know if climate change is manmade, saying: 'It'll change back again' šŸ˜‚ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world...

Is russia trying to speed up global warming (climate change)?

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Best answer: What's being referred to is an experimental average, so, it does no good to deny it or cite opinion. After enough research, it should be accepted. From credible sources, I have noticed 4000 ppm or 25mm many times in the past. If it was sucked out of the air with a straw and put in a glass, they would not accept... show more

They are still going with between 1.5 and 4.5 C and now they have ditched the best estimate of about 3 degrees C

Best answer: No, I did not. Did you know horses and buggies were so numerous in New York City at one time that locals thought they would have to buy hip boots to wade through the road apples?

Best answer: I dont doubt climate change is happening, it always has. I don't doubt that Man has caused some. What I doubt is that climate change (warming that is) is in anyway dangerous. The world is doing alright at the moment, food production is up at record levels, malnutrition and extreme poverty is down, Hurricanes... show more

Is it legal to live without running water?

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Iā€™m a single mother. Me and my children (13 and 17) have had no running water for 4 years. Is this legal? As the guardian, could I be punished for this?

Does Democrat Communist Ocasio-Cortez represent Fruit loops?