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https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world... Why not just appoint a sex pest stooge to the supreme court whilst we're at......nevermind

Are you scared of global warming?

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Is it time to panic about climate change?

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Best answer: If you enjoy panic then yes, go for it.

Climate change was responsible for the majority of under-reported humanitarian disasters last year, according to analysis of more than a million online news stories. Whole populations were affected by food crises in countries ravaged by by drought and hurricanes such as Ethiopia and Haiti, yet neither crisis... show more

It should be simple to back up this claim.

Or, at least, why are they in favor of dirty energy sources like coal and gas instead of renewables like solar or hydro-electric

What evidence do global warming deniers have?

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Best answer: They don't have any. If they did, what they would do is make their own measure of global mean surface temperature, write a paper on what went into it and publish it for all to see. They are much better served by claiming fraud and pulling out particular examples (such as graphicconception and U.S.... show more

Best answer: Smartypants, typical of an alarmist, just makes up crap and his fellow alarmists think it smells great. Democrats ruin anything they touch. They are the reverse Midas. Everything they touch turns to crap. They "try" to help single moms but all they do is incentivize them and now we have a huge... show more

Best answer: I don't know of any. You'll notice that Solar Wind says he has 6, but lists 3, two of which aren't peer reviewed and are pretty much garbage. The one that's not garbage (the second one) doesn't say anything about human activity and its effect on climate change at all. graphicconception steers... show more

How does deforestation affect climate change?

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What factors affect climate change?

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Best answer: Or turns it into a total iceberg like in the other movie "Day after Tomorrow". The best source for "accurate" science for liberals is Hollywood. ** At the end they get in a dig on our immigration policies as well. Typical liberal "science" ...... pure P.C.

Air pollution?

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Best answer: The sort of pollution you can see is from particulate matter. That is what caused the famous smogs in London, UK, many years ago. That was fixed by reducing the number of people burning coal and wood in their fireplaces. You still get the pollution however "sustainable" the wood is. There are also sorts... show more

Best answer: I'm a saint right now, and I always will be. Because I believe in Jesus, the Bible says I'm a saint. But I'm not a saint of "catholicism". Because catholicism is from the devil. . Every "pope" is a false prophet of satan. There is no "pope" in the Bible. Catholicism... show more

What is universal waste?

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