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Should the Police have fined Prince Phillip?

11 answers · Cruise Travel · 23 hours ago
Best answer: I'm not sure that we have "on the spot fines" for that kind of offense and if he was driving within the bounds of private property, there is nothing the police could do about it. It does show an alarming lack of common sense though.

Are white Australians racists?

9 answers · Other - Australia · 7 hours ago
Best answer: There's just so much tolerance in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Do you eat Kangaroo?

19 answers · Other - Australia · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes, occasionally.

Best answer: If you got 2 bucks for every time you posted this question maybe you could

Best answer: I liked North Carolina and Tennessee. Nice people and such a beautiful environment. But there's something special about Colorado and her mountains, too.

Has anybody visited Alaska? Would u live there?

6 answers · Other - United States · 3 days ago
I have lived here since 1999?! Still here. Anybody? Why or why not ?

between William and Harry which are threatening to bring the good name of the monarchy into disrepute.

Best answer: All of America should be a two class, overpopulated, overpriced, den of gangs, narcissists, and serial killers

Best answer: Not without know the circumstances in which she is going. Is she visiting a relative? Other parent (if you're divorced)? A childhood friend who moved away? Church/school trip? I would say yes you should. But if she is going to meet a total stranger, than no. She cant rent a hotel can't rent a car.

What are your feelings about The Oscars?

13 answers · Calgary · 2 days ago
Best answer: The Oscars are the Hollywood elite celebrating the Hollywood elite. I have no interest.

Is there anything to do in Australia on a Friday night?

15 answers · Other - Australia · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nope, nothing at all, anywhere on the entire continent.

Would you consider going to the country Turkey for a holiday?

11 answers · Other - Destinations · 2 days ago
Best answer: It used to be good before jerk face became PM

What is Isaac Hunt's role at Centrelink?

7 answers · Other - Australia · 13 hours ago
As he knows so much about it

Will I have time to make my flight?

12 answers · Air Travel · 5 days ago
In May I will be traveling outside of the country and have one connection in Atlanta. I’ll arrive to Atlanta at 9:05am(presumably) and my flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican leaves at 9:49am. Will I have time to make it to my flight is only 30mins? Since the cut off time is 10mins before boarding, does... show more

Best answer: Yes and you are welcome you lazy bum hole