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Do you think British accents are annoying?

18 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 19 hours ago
My dad loves British accents. He is like literally obsessed with it to the point of going to London heathrow Airport just to hear the people’s accents there which I think is a little odd. Meanwhile my mom hates it and thinks British accents are annoying. So what are your thoughts on this?

Best answer: not many last time I was there

Best answer: We have two options here, neutering or castrating, the latter may prove to be more difficult however, Kate's nickname for her husband is "Big Willie".

Where was the nicest place you've vacationed to?

12 answers · New York City · 1 day ago
What was it like? Describe it

What's your favorite place to go on vaccination?

10 answers · Other - Destinations · 1 day ago

Will I be discriminated against in the UK, particularly England?

12 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 days ago
I'm an American citizen who will be staying with a British friend on and off. I am of Filipino, Native Hawaiian, and European descent, and while I look mixed, a couple people have told me that I "pull a bit more towards the white side". If it helps, my friend lives in South East England...

1 - to give them the Torah on Mount Sinai 2 - To give them the land of Israel as an eternal gift

He said that to me yesterday in my face Why he did it? What more he wants? By the way I know how to cook and clean and I'm very educated as well also i love kids, what more he wants? I'm 24 he is 33

Was this flight attendant being rude?

8 answers · Air Travel · 11 hours ago
I took a Delta flight to NY. I'm always polite to passengers/flight attendants and never act crazy. As we were getting off the plane, this youngish, white female attendant thanked the passengers ahead of me and told them to have a good day. But she didn't say anything to me and gave me this hard look like... show more

Why won’t God choose me for salvation?

16 answers · Other - Environment · 3 days ago

Why won't Bill Shorten Answer Questions ?

8 answers · Other - Australia · 1 day ago
When a reporter asks him a questions he refuses to answer them why?

Where do you fly to next?

11 answers · Air Travel · 3 days ago
Best answer: Hawaii

Best answer: Most of us don't watch and like Piers Morgan. Few people share his accent but it is perfectly good, clear English without a regional accent. Some people would call it 'Queen's English' or 'received pronunciation', though it isn't quite that. If ever you hear a REALLY snooty British... show more

Best answer: He wants sex with a younger woman. He is not a lovely guy and he is not willing to do anything for anyone - He's not faithful and not willing to honor his vows to the person he married. If he has kids his choices will hurt them as well. He is not a good man if he is willing to cheat on his wife and family.