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Why do helicopters fly around my neighborhood at night?

15 answers · Other - Vietnam · 13 hours ago
Best answer: There is no way to answer your question without a specific location. A few possibilities: There is a hospital in your area with a heliport. Helicopter pilots often conduct training around these facilities. I lived near a hospital and sometimes they'd hover around for over an hour, many days. Even small... show more

What is your opinion of Jews?

16 answers · Israel · 1 day ago

Where can I see the sunrise in Tampa, FL?

4 answers · Other - United States · 1 day ago

Whats the largest U.S state?

9 answers · Other - United States · 4 hours ago
Best answer: Alaska

Why are mixed race men so HOT?

8 answers · Kenya · 17 hours ago

She always says, 'This person is my 11th Prime Minister' Or something like that to refer how much British Prime Ministers she's had. But why does she never say 'This is my 11th Canadian Prime Minister'. Why does she never say 'This is my 11th Australian Prime Minister'. I being a... show more

Where can a 17 year old spend the night while travelling?

7 answers · New York City · 5 hours ago
I'm wanting to travel inside the U.S. alone, I have transportation but no idea where to spend the night. I heard you can only rent hotel rooms if you're 18+, is this true? What if you had your parents reserve the room via phone? Or is there any other ideas? Sleeping in a car isnt an option

Need directions to 223 W Craig Road?

6 answers · Other - United States · 1 day ago

Would you go to Vietnam for a holiday?

5 answers · Other - Destinations · 13 hours ago

Are greyhound buses that cheap? or am i reading it wrong?

5 answers · Other - United States · 18 hours ago
So I'm in Florida and was messing around with prices of transporation, like with uber etc. So I didnt even know what greyhound was until now, and I found their site, read a bit about them, and noticed a trip from Spring Hill to Miami would only be $24 for economy? Is this normal or am i reading something wrong?... show more

Where in LA would you wanna live? ............?

6 answers · Los Angeles · 19 hours ago

Why do Italians sound funny when they talk?

5 answers · Other - Italy · 21 hours ago
Best answer: What do you a-mean? The italianos do notta sound funny

What is it you can do in big cities that you cant do in small cities?

5 answers · Other - United States · 1 day ago

Do you like feta cheese?

10 answers · Nepal · 4 days ago
Best answer: Yes i like it very much ... :)

Should Canadians be gassed?

10 answers · Other - United States · 4 days ago

The fun time of my life lol?

4 answers · Philadelphia · 12 hours ago
It was fun to be on the city council in Philly, and get to tell the republicans that.. No we won't eliminate or lower the city wage tax so that people can't get what they need. No we won't have factory workers being paid by the piece like a slave. No we won't have the minimum wage set by supply... show more

And when baseball playoffs start they'll all stand proudly for the Anthem?