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Why is the overflow tank always full but the radiator level is low on the indicator 2003 Jeep with a hundred and seventy-five thousand miles

How much does it cost to replace a motor?

10 answers · Mazda · 2 days ago
So I was looking on Craigslist for a Mazda rx-8, and there’s one that’s super cheap, but the guy noted that the motor needs to be replaced. Obviously because it’s a defect of the rotary engine.

I’d prefer the mustang as a Canadian

My girlfriends has an old honda civic and i noticed the engine is knocking. I dont wanna her to drive it like that. I want to buy her something safe and reliable especially since she is pregnant. I was thinking of getting a 2018 toyota camry or maybe a suv like a toyota rav4. What do you think?

I have a 1997 Ford Expedition that needs the radiator replaced. My father in law has a brand new radiator for a 2001 Ford F-250 . Does anyone know if it will fit my expedition? Thanks in advance.

The AT Check is on and the Brake warning is on the dash the car wont start so im asumming it has to do with eother the at check or the brake light

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Whenever I go past 50 mph the steering wheel feels as if it's sticking. Almost as if their were some gum or a weak magnet holding it in place. You have to do a very small jerk to get it moving again but once you let it go it get stuck again. It's very annoying and something I wouldn't expect to have on... show more

Which gear do I use to drive my 2003 Jeep Liberty on icy/snowy roads? 2wd isn't working, I've been spinning out even when going slow. But I've heard 4wd can damage it unless you're off roading? Thanks for your help!

I have a 2015 Lexus is250 Fsport. Isn’t a AWD. It’s stock and I just want to put it on the track and see how it does. But are there any small things I can do, that can increase its horses

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Honda Civic issues?

7 answers · Honda · 3 days ago
Okay so I have a 2003 Honda Civic. This only happens when it rains/ or drive through a puddle of water. Why is it that when I’m driving when it’s rainig hard or drive through puddles the right side of my car makes a very violent noise, almost like it’s dying. It vibrates violently and it’s kinda scary. Can an... show more

What person made me so popular on the internet?

4 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 day ago
I just saw my name out there because somebody copy and pasted my work here I guess for the purpose of ridicule. But it's really increased my popularity in my business sales. Thank you ever so much.

Ignition control unit audi 80 b3?

4 answers · Audi · 2 days ago
Is it possible to bypass ignition control unit and to start the car without it?

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