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Do Atheists know that matter was made by God? If they think there was a "big bang" who do they think made the dynamite, built the bomb, and lit the fuse?

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just like if Tina Fey became president?

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Do people know that demons can control people's minds?

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What is the price of Mercedes Benz in Memphis, Usa?

8 answers · Mercedes-Benz · 6 days ago
Best answer: A Mercedes Benz? Really as if they make only one car one model. Even the A class ranges from £20k for a 1.3l engine to £45k for the AMG45. A SLR McLaren will cost you over £1m.

How to turn on 4WD on 2011 Rav4?

4 answers · Toyota · 18 hours ago
Best answer: You cannot turn the 4wd system on or off as it works when necessary all by itself. You can lock the differential by pressing the 4wd button on the dash. This is all the control you have over the system. The lock will disengage above 25 mph or it you touch the brake.

Stepdad has a really embarassing car?

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hi im 13 and my stepdad has a 2007 silver honda civic. he has to take me to school at least twice a week and its really emarassing. can someone please help me feel better about it?

I've tried looking all over youtube for a tutorial, but can't find one that actually explains what to do!

Car question?

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I have a 2001 VW New Beetle GLS (manual) and the ABS light came on then off like on and off. I had a friend who check the codes on my car because my check engine light been on since I brought the car about 2 year ago. I have check the brake fluid and it is fine and when I had my friend check the engine codes in the... show more

Did they use CVT transmissions in Honda’s in that time when they were manufactured?