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I am on manual mode on my Nikon 3400, but I can’t change the shutter speed to slower than 60 and this yellow icon shows up, what does that mean? The icon on the upper left, below the big M

Best answer: Especially with the reflective properties of license plates they can be more easily picked up than you would think with a quality security camera with nighttime capability and some minimal outdoor lighting. Adding extra infrared lighting (unable to be seen bu the human eye and commonly used on redlight cameras)... show more

I will mostly use to create basketball mixtape videos. I currently own a SL1/100D but thinking of moving to the Nikon side... Preferably the d3500. Which should I choose and why? Or any other camera suggestions?

I’ve heard is the lenses that make a picture “good” not the camera.. if so, why do people spend so much on this super expensive cameras and not just buy and expensive lens?

Camera Videos?

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What is a good brand for shooting Videos for a road trips or a day trip with a family? I see alot of youtube channel like to use like a Cannon G7x that flips,I was wondering how about a video camera camcorder digital? I think my grandpa got one...We been seeing some are still good camera at goodwill why is that?... show more

It only lets me set my camera to 2 stops. It goes all the way to 7 stops but it won’t let me go past 2. How do I fix this?

Best answer: The only thing that happens when you format a storage device whether it be a hard drive or an SD card is that you reset the file system so that every sector is considered to be free space. Formatting does nothing to that actual data on the storage device itself. This is why you can use file recovery software that... show more

Best answer: Use what is more comfortable for you. If you make a concerted effort to use the view finder, you will get used to it and will probably have a hard time going back to live view if you are an avid shootist. Live view has so many issues that people who want to be efficient will use the view finder, be it optical or... show more

Drone or GoPro?

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I want to do some filming at the beach this year, but I don't know if I should film with a GoPro while riding in a helicopter or if I should just buy a camera drone. Which one would have better film quality?

Best answer: That would not improve it. What may do is extending the vertical part above the horizontal grip and adding some weight there, so the camera rig is nearer balanced when held by the handle. Any movements that would make the camera rock then also act on the counterweight to oppose the rocking/twisting force and... show more

HI I am a new shutterbug. Now I have a Nikon D7100. I want to use it for pre-wedding photos. Can anyone give me some suggestion which lens I could use. Also I saw a lens, Z14-30mm. Can I use it on Nikon D7100? Best Regards, JustZM

Best answer: Always go with a petal if it's an option. Canon made the Canon EW-68B which was a petal hood for the EF 35-105mm lens (non USM version). A petal hood will always provide superior protection against flare than a simple round hood. When compared to a rubber hood, the Canon EW-68B, which is made of plastic,... show more

Best answer: Any camera, even the $4 ones in smartphones, can do the types of photos that you mention. A good one will allow you to control the image-making process in the manner that you want. For example, if you need or want manual control over the exposure, or if you need/want to be able to use a variety of focal lengths,... show more

I have no idea about cameras and I’m looking for a camera mostly to use traveling, that takes professional pictures but not too professional or expensive cause it’s gonna be only for personal use and not for business. It’d be a big plus if it takes good videos too, but not necessary! Thank you 😊

Okay i bough a cannon G7x mark ii for my first camera for YouTube because i did a lot of videos my self but I’m looking to do public interviews more and trying to decide if i should get M50 or keep G7x ? But the G7x be having my videos kinda blurry when doing public interviews and I’m thinking on selling so i can... show more

Best answer: Dropbox or Google Photos