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Best answer: It could be harmless, but if you aren't comfortable with it, the right thing to do is take it to a TV repair shop. Most likely, it needs to have a lot of dust cleaned out of it.

Best answer: Is the HDMI cable rated for 4k? If not, get one that is. Sometimes even the "right" cable won't work. In that case, try a different one.

Best answer: Keep what you have and use it until it needs to be replaced. Tell anyone who complains about it that you are happy with it and you will do as you like. Or, you could tell them that if they Really want you to have a larger TV, they can pay for it And all the new furniture it would require.

Best answer: It uses a Very Tiny bit of energy as long as it is plugged in so that the remote receiver can be active. You really wouldn't save much money if you pulled the plug.

Best answer: It can cost you $100 upwards to repair a cracked LCD TV. Check to see if your TV is still under warranty-if the potential damage is under warranty, you may be able to repair the screen at a reasonable cost.

What is the latest TV Screen type?

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Best answer: Buy Sony they were always a superiour brand LG are for Sony and Samsung haters buy a Sony or Samsung.

Hello. What happens if you use a tv with a built-in HD digital tuner (aka ATSC, aka all tvs made now), WITHOUT using an HD antenna, to watch regular broadcast "over the air" (OTA) channels? Will the picture be scrambled, but audio intact?