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What does 2 lines mean in t-mobile?

10 answers · 4 days ago

I have a 16gb iPhone 6 and the storage is horrible, I can't take anymore pictures because I ran out of storage and I can't download more than 3 apps. How do I add more storage on an iPhone 6?

Need a good phone, but do not need a $1000 Galaxy 10 or Iphone.

What's the best rice money can buy?

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I have a 4g mobile, has this happened to anyone before?

Best answer: Carriers have no issue activating used phones, but Sprint and Verizon based networks use frequencies that require the phone to have a compatible cellular radio in it. You need to verify anything you buy has the right capabilities for your carrier. At&T and T-mobile based networks will generally be compatible... show more

I met a guy in Italy when I traveled there, but I live in the USA. I gave him my phone number and he hasn't messaged me yet (about 5 days) when he was acting very interested in me. Not sure if this is because he actually has not messaged me or because I am unable to receive texts from international phone... show more

Android or iPhone for my mom?

28 answers · 1 week ago
My mom's flip phone finally gave out after like 8 years. So know we have to get her a new phone within a few days because she needs it in case of an emergency. My mom is not that great with technology. I have always used android but i have heard the iPhone is easier to use. Im debating what i should get her?

I have been having a problem w/ my phone that the storage is constantly full even though I do have storage in my phone and I was wondering if backing up my phone will help

I met a girl on the web and she sent her phone number and we use what’s app. When I try to call her, it is disconnected. She said that she doesn’t know what happened. I am out of the USA. Please guide me, How can I know about a phone number from the USA is a real number and isn’t a fake number?

I have sprint. It says the prices for the phones are the same online though. Do I get anything for being eligible to upgrade?


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I bought a phone off of someone online. When buying they showed me the phone works. They factory reset it for me but now its asking for a gmail password and I dont know the info and the guy wont answer me. How can i set the phone up without this info?

I have a flip type cell phone that I have been topping up every 90 days for 13 years. Today, I could no longer top it up. I am out of almost $300. I don't need these new fancy phones, just one to call someone in an emergency. Anyone else lost money like this?

Smartphone with the best camera?

13 answers · 2 weeks ago
I’m due a new phone and would like to know what is available with the best camera