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Best answer: I also find music and pictures goes really fast, and I'm always transferring stuff over to my hard drive. I download films and TV shows in 1080p though and transferring them to an external drive can sometimes take a little longer, although not much

Ok so my dad is willing to get me a pc but my mom doesn’t want me to. My grades are perfect (they are A’s) and she has no other reasons say no. I have an Xbox and a PS4 and a MacBook Pro that she knows can’t keep up with the latest games and stuff. I’ve also explained to her that why would you let me have two... show more

Best answer: Probably because regardless of what people tell you, doing a massive sh*t on you laptop/car will not start it. Trust me.


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So, i have a hp Ac adapter but it got way to hot and has weird bumps on it, i think it melted But it was on my bed and now that part smells weird Like Very weird it smells like the adapter im scared that it leaked even though it only is smell and nothing to see

Best answer: Theyre required to meet certain minimum security standards on their websites, otherwise they might be liable if a custom got their account hacked and lost all their money. Non visible passwords is just one of the security measures theyre legally manadted to enact to cover their own asses

Best answer: Because they are more advanced.

Is social media a waste of time?

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Best answer: its very likely that your drive is failing (either the laptop or the flash drive) which is causing the corruption errors your only real hope is to get a new flash drive and hope it was failing.

Their website is still up but it all links to aol. There isn't an actual CompuServe anymore. What can we do since there isn't a CompuServe?

There's somebody on Instagram harassing me, Making fake photoshopped conversations of me, Made a fake account of me and then when I approached them about it they changed the account name. I really have no clue who this person is , or why they're after me. They made a fake conversation with my Instagram... show more

Does fortnite give yiu cancer?

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a0 install windows on it first and then use a utility package or do I partition it first before installing windows.

How do I get to my dashboard?

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What hard drive is faster?

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