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Best answer: Because that's the flattest place to ride on a crowned roadway to avoid the water drainage angle.

I think he might be too old but it’s what he wants to do, he is also talking about learning to fly

Google said at best 30,000 mi

Best answer: Check the suzuki site or a dealers parts book. Head stock of trees will have bearing numbers- good chance that neck and bearing interchange, should be tapered rollers , close to same neck length. Tubes may be different - 15 years difference in making forks, subcontractor and newer may be air filled. 36mm to 45mm... show more

Best answer: They think that they sound cool, or threatening, or they are safe because other drivers are aware of them, Or they like the idea of being hated

I got a pair of alpine star gloves, according to the size chart im a large. With the large my fingers touched the tips of the gloves, not giving me much room. But the rest of the glove felt fine. I went With the XL, my fingers feel better in it but the cuff is looser, really have to tighten the strap and it’s still... show more


Best answer: It's a 4 yr old plug, age can matter It takes 5 min to pull, clean, gap(if it is not platinum) install. Or just go big and buy a spare. It could have also got condensation in the tank from sitting. Put a qtr bottle of HEET in the tank.

Best answer: Yeah, another Harley. You can buy bolts ie "Primary cover bolts" and others on Ebay or Harley shops. Others bolts can be bought at the hardware store... won't be correct and some need to be grade 8... They'll work It's AMF, right? ...metric too I have a 69 XLH. Good luck

Can I buy a good electric scooter?

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Best answer: It is *NOT* a "moped." It is a lightweight motorcycle, just as my first motorcycle, a 1964 Honda 50 Sport C110. Drum brakes front and rear, my Japanese 50cc had 5 bhp, this 125cc Chinese clone claims 6 bhp. Should be able to hit 50 mph, barely. Sounds like a fun little motorcycle.' 'Since is... show more

2002 triumph daytona 955i

Yamaha Aerox 4 50cc restriction?

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I have the yamaha aerox 50cc 4 stroke liquid cooled scooter with fuel injection and I m trying to find all the restrictors that make the bike go 49km/h max. So far I ve taken out the washer out of the variator, which helped the max speed go from 49km/h to 55km/h and I was wondering what else could be restricting it... show more

Motorcycle lever size?

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Best answer: The long levers would give you better leverage.