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Best answer: MOOT SINCE THEY HAVE no power...BUT GOD DOES....TIRH not games

What did the Roman god Walrus do?

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How comfortable is a bed of roses?

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i mean like, they killed thousands of lives, why they had to be so evil ? japan provides sushi and japanese food to america and this is how they thank them back ?

Best answer: Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened because the US got a nuclear device first. It would have been other places, more of them and indiscriminate had Japan's** or Germany's nuclear program got their bombs first. Every powerful nation supports regimes, many of them dictatorial if it suits their momentary needs.... show more

Is it cheaper to own a snake or a dog?

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Best answer: Chihuahua.

For me, false. I’m from 2001, my brother is from 1999.

Best answer: Sidney Periwinkle.

I'm 46 and my new girlfriend is 12?

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miles away. Will it work?

Why do rivers have two banks?

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Best answer: Ones just a back up in case things get slippy