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Why are Aquarians so gossipy?

11 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: Aries is an incredibly immature sign. The women throw tantrums and have a selfish behavior.

What is astral projection?

6 answers · 2 days ago

Virgo man that I know are gays, mostly virgo man famous are gay (Stephen Fry, Tom Ford, Karl Langerfield, Freddy Mercury, Ricky Martin boyfriend)

Why are Sagittarius people brave?

10 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Sagittarius is a mutable sign and they are brave.

There's a troll here recently who act crazy and bash on people whose opinions she doesn't agree with or opinions that offends her zodiac sign. Are all Virgo females like this or it's just her?

Best answer: taurus and virgo seems to have the most haters because they have amazing qualities that people from others most other signs don't

i thought Pisces were suppose to be more emotional, is it because he has a Cancer moon and Venus Pisces?

Best answer: Gemini men are clever and nice. They aren't the type to play hard to get and will go after a woman that they have a good time with. BUT they do have high expectations so bimbos like Pisces and Aries women are not what they go after. They like mature women.

🌈 Pisces woman LGBTI 🌈💪

Something as phony and superficial as astrology. It baffles me when I notice such a large following behind such a make-believe, childish idea. When you're so in depth, when you blame your actions and other peoples' actions on their date of birth and proceed to think everything revolves around zodiac signs... show more

Libra man?

5 answers · 19 hours ago
How I can deal with him? He is intellectual, diplomatic and I love him but I don't know what he thinks about me?? Help please

Best answer: Length of life is something old astrologers used to figure out first. No point in predicting the next few years, if the native will be dead on Tuesday. The problem is that there are all sorts of ways to do it with varying degrees of precision. The Sun in the 8th house is a red flag. It's not a drop dead... show more