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It is very true. Libra is very intelligent and civilized Scorpio is a deep thinker and interesting person who is compassionate and understands you Sagittarius is your philosopher and usually very intelligent and fun to be around Capricorn is a deep and sensitive person who is loyal and usually intelligent yet shy.... show more

Which is the sneakiest zodiac sign?

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Best answer: Booty

Best answer: Even Jesus was a Capricorn.

Do you believe astrology is real?

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Yes or no? and why.

What's your Zodiac sign?

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mine is March 15,When is yours?

Best answer: VIRGO is a harsh critic and this quality invites lots of negativity from others because many can not accept 'bitter' truth

Recently I had a fight with my Sagittarius girlfriend. I feel very down these days and maybe a little depressed so I needed some time at home, drinking hot chocolate, reading books, watching TV and being with my love. First we fought on my birthday (October 26, I am a Scorpio guy) because she wanted to organize a... show more

Im a Taurus with Libra rising not sure if the Libra rising actually matters with compatibility but I’ve noticed majority of guys I’m attracted to are the Aquarians sometimes even gemini for their intellect. They seem to be attracted to me back I’m afraid only for looks though. My friend is an Aquarius atm whom I... show more

Aries- won 9 times Aquarius - won 8 times Virgo- won 7 times

I’ve been getting into astrogly lately and trying to self-teach myself and I wanted to read your opinions and experiences :).

Best answer: It's funny when they debate with each other.

I think astrology is really interesting and there can be some truth to it. But I often see people say certain zodiac signs are good/bad and they act like any person with that sign will automatically fit the stereotype. I don't think its fair to generalize people like that. Each person is unique and has a lot of... show more