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Why are Geminis so heartless?

8 answers · 23 hours ago
I've had the worst experience with people of these sign, especially the men. The women tend to show more of the positive aspects. The men are just so cunning, two-faced, shallow, manipulative, and use people. Being unemotional Is different from being straight-out heartless and inconsiderate towards others. How... show more

Whose better libra or Aquarius?

11 answers · 14 hours ago

What is sex with a Taurus like?

12 answers · 23 hours ago
Best answer: Yummy and sensual

Best answer: Im not hehe👀

The ones i know are such kind hearted people 💖

Best answer: Each sign has a temperature and a humidity. Capricorn is cold and dry and considered the coldest and driest sign. This DOES NOT mean that everyone born with the Sun in Capricorn is cold and unemotional. Capricorn is also the exaltation of Mars (hot and dry). The ascendant is a better place to look for such... show more

I am Aries, I am hot-headed, explosive, both introverted and extroverted, but also funny, kind, good to him. He is funny too, but his jokes are dry and always offend me. He is classy but NOT romantic. He never tells me I'm beautiful and he notices it in other women! I gave him everything and would do it again.... show more

Most unconditional sign?

6 answers · 14 hours ago

Which rising sign would you say has the best style and is the most attractive? My list goes like this... (And I haven't put my own on top) Leo Rising : Beautiful, very out there and always steal the spotlight. (Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp) Scorpio Rising : Intense, dramatic and alluring... show more

Capricorn Man Libra Woman?

6 answers · 23 hours ago

What I don't understand is why does he acts so timid? Is it something to do with cancer rising?

Best answer: Because you're a typical narcissistic Scorpio or Pisces girl hyping yourself up and looking for compliments to help your weak ego out Some Scorpios can be ok. But no different than any other "awesome" girl from another sign. Unless its the scorpio asking this. Which makes you lose points

Best answer: None can compete with Sagittarius lmao they are on another level.