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Why are earth signs so fake?

13 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I ain’t no earth sign or anything but I’m an Aquarius and lots of people say that Air signs are fake people when literally not all of that is true. It really is just me dealing with stupid people these days on this wack website. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Why do you hate cancers?

11 answers · 2 days ago

don't say scorpio becuz that's not what im looking for.

Female Sagittarius here. Im very Optimistic, Straightforward, Nice and Happy most of the time =D

Can I get Gemini friend back?

7 answers · 18 hours ago
I’m an Aries male. I’ve known this Gemini for eight years. We’ve always hung out on and off, but been cool. Recently we started hanging more over the summer. I began to develop a crush on her, or at least thought I did. I’ve always found her attractive, but for some reason the attraction became deadly at this... show more

I’m a Libra female dating a cancer male and he gets so angry at me so fast for little things I say that I didn’t mean to upset him by in any way. I don’t like confrontation or arguing so I left the situation and didn’t say anything because I’m hurt and upset. I know I’m not in the wrong but I wish he’d just be able... show more

I know Geminis are supposed to be a mental sign about thoughts and they are great thinkers. They are witty and great at communication, but is the negative side mental retardation. A great example will be Trump and Kanye (both Geminis) displaying a course of mental retardation and some form of disability in a press... show more

Why do people underestimate pisces?

18 answers · 6 days ago

Planets are planets, moons are moons, if astrology isn't true, then I'm descended from baboons.

Is Jesus Christ a Capricorn?

8 answers · 2 days ago
The Leader The Goat I don't think so because they like money and He likes love I think He may really be December 25

Best answer: They both are 💚💙

Best answer: Scorpio men because Scorpio is a Water sign, Water signs are family oriented and homebodies 💙🍂🙃

Virgo woman capricorn man?

9 answers · 2 days ago
Why they dont match? What is it between them that they always click like crazy and end up heart broken. What sign will be best for us?

Describe leo women?

10 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Astrology is fake.

What zodiac sign do I look like?

21 answers · 7 days ago
Guess my zodiac sign by the photo? For fun, no hate.

Best answer: Astrology is fake. Make your choices, take control of your own life.

Pull your heads out your asses and stop hating 😊