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Best answer: People who keeps trolling are troll themselves. They have no work and they are bored with their life.

Which sign is most hated and why?

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Best answer: The one who trolls the most, e.g. the one who keeps trolling "Aquarians" and pretty much everybody else as logically the more you hate on someone the more hated you get. It's not a very clever thing to do, but then since when a drug addict stalker is clever?

Best answer: I don't think Diddy is a Psychopath but yes most Scorpios tend to be from experience, particularly the women. Leo too.

Was HITLER really an Aries?

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They say he missed being Aries by hours. More Aries are known to be mass murderers than Taurus. Also APRIL 21 ST is Taurus. Hitler was born on April 20

Best answer: Her Sun sign is cancer ♋️ Moon sign is Aquarius ♒ Ascendant sign is Sagittarius♐

Aries (8 times) Aquarius and Virgo (7 times) Taurus, leo, gemini and Scorpio (6 times) Libra (5 times) Capricorn, cancer and pisces (4 times) Sagittarius (2 times)

Was jesus christ capricorn?

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Best answer: I'm not sure, I think the whole thing is a bit FISHY.... Ha... Pisces, fishes.... well ok, that's a bad joke... Astrology is a far better joke, I would have to admit.

Guess my rising sign?

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If these two signs got in a relationship with each other, who is more likely to play the other? Both have a dual nature, are mutable, very adaptable, charming, indecisive and can get into a relationship with any other sign. I believe pisces are the more emotional and more likely to be loyal, but you never know... show more

What are the reasons?? I thought Libra is one of the nicest zodiac signs because they are concerned with how other people think of them. Why are people so full of hatred towards Libras? Libra and Cancer are both Cardinal signs but they are not as power hungry as the other two Cardinal signs or Fixed signs because... show more

Best answer: Don’t know about that but their very good at lying and putting on a mask that’s for sure

Best answer: If a Scorpio doesn't like you it's because you're indecisive. Or you broke the Ten Commandments because they're too mature for breaking rules.

Best answer: Just to clarify, Sun is not necessarily opposite to Moon JUST because the two are in opposite signs. These two "planets" need to be between 172 and 188 degrees apart. You could even have Sun in Aquarius in an opposition aspect to Moon in Cancer, for that matter ... as LONG as the distance is within 8... show more

Was Mother teresa Taurus?

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Best answer: No. Her Sun was in Virgo. Her MOON was in Taurus though. Her Mercury in Virgo Venus in Leo Mars in Virgo Jupiter in Libra Saturn in Taurus Uranus in Capricorn Neptune in Cancer Pluto in Gemini Here is her chart. But since this birthtime is not certain (there is more than one time attributed to her birthtime, and... show more