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Are pisces men abusive?

8 answers · 2 days ago

Did you know that GOD is a LEO?

10 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Characteristics Of The Leo Horoscope Sign That Makes Astrology's Lion The RULER Of The Zodiac Leos are known for their proud and courageous personalities. Although the Leo's naturally royal nature may sometimes appear to others as having a little bit of a superiority complex, it doesn't even matter to... show more

Best answer: Except for Aquarius. They only contribute to trolling all of the rest of the signs on the internet. Downing every sign, talking bad and gossiping.

Why Virgos are the worst sign?

16 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Gg allin was the probably the "nastiest" person alive and he was a Virgo GG Allin is one of rock music's most divisive figures. From his very non-PC lyrics to his forays into coprophilia and self-mutilation onstage, the New Hampshire punk did everything in his power to piss people off. Allin... show more

I once read that a psychic told someone the moon is your soul, it’s who you really are deep inside

Yes or no and explain why

Best answer: A lot of Aquarius hate themselves. If I were Aquarius I would to. You're not alone.

Best answer: I think her husband left her so she killed herself. So sad

I know that I've asked this before, sorry, but I seriously would like to understand why my sign Capricorn is literally more underrated than the others? I mean, aren't we sort of the father of the zodiac and usually hard working, not to mention surprisingly witty and secretly emotional? Seriously, us Caps... show more

I get this vibe around them that they talk about people behind their backs

Best answer: Capricorn Gemini Aquarius

Best answer: I am an Aquarius. But no, I don't feel discriminated a such. Mostly because I think the whole signs thing is bollocks to begin with.

I’m a Scorpio and i find it creepy and annoying.

What do you think of Aries sun?

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Are Leo Moons worse than Leo Suns?

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Best answer: Both are annoying narcissists