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Pisces The most untrustworthy bastard of all. Fakest of all the signs. There want their relationship with people to remain intact and thats all. With a pisces, you are a second choice, an option and what not. Gemini Don't trust them with secrets. They will keep spreading until its not a secret anymore.... show more

Best answer: Generally male belonging to Fire and Water signs are better looking.

I notice most of them copy what other people say to them when they talk to a certain person, then it’s like they steal every single word from that certain person’s mouth and reuses it to another person. And I’m always annoyed with them because you can give them a whole argument on factual evidence, yet they still... show more

What’s your zodiac sign?

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Best answer: Aries, libra, piecses ;)

Best answer: Astrology is fake. If you like each other and respect each other, then you're compatible. Stars, planets, and birthdays have nothing to do with it.

every time I tried to change myself completely every time I failed. its really hard for me to become a bad person. my heart is the main reason which is holds me back.

Best answer: Well, you have to date them for a couple of years. How they treat others will show you how they will end up treating you once the "honeymoon phase" has died out and the problems start. How well they can remain calm and kind even when upset will show you how they will treat you when they get upset with... show more

Lilith In Leo in the 6th House ?

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What does this mean ? I'm just getting into astrology

Don't know the rest if his chart...he may have a moon or rising sign that makes him that way...ugh...need help can't figure out what they might be

Best answer: I'm a Pisces! We represent a little piece of all the eleven other zodiac signs, making us individuals who are selfless, spiritual, highly intuitive and very focused on our inner journey. So, whether we are the most evolved or not, we're definitely a very complete sign! Like the end of a long journey... :)

Best answer: Omg, I'm a pisces girl and I've actually been in pain because of a sagittarius lately. To be very honest: friendship is great , but romantic affairs are a disaster. We're just too different and end up clashing and fighting all the time over the exact things that should make a couple work. I love... show more

Sun in Sagittarius here. The best thing I like about is this sign, is that I'm generous =D

I am asking this cause i am one and I have been called called distant and aloof.