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I’m 5 months pregnant and the father of my baby isn’t around so when I have doctors appointments I go by myself each time. I’m 22. Do you think it’s embarrassing?

How do you feel about the name Inna, instead of Anna?

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Pronounced inn-UH .Would people misspell it and mispronounce it constantly?

I am NOT expecting and this question was more of just be curious question.

What is your favorite flower name for a girl?

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Best answer: Iris

Best answer: Obama is half black and half white. Realistically he is the first half black half white president. So idk man lol I guess cuz he’s half black.

What do you think of the name Rusty for a girl?

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Which spelling do you like the most?

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Sean Shawn Shaun

I found out im a little over 10 weeks pregnant and me and my boyfriend wasn’t expecting this as I was on contraception! We are both 17 and both in college living at home with our parents we have been going out for over a year and it’s been great! But he wants me to get a abortion because “he’s not being a father”... show more

Which name and why, Isaiah or Jasper?

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Which do you prefer and why? Which would suit a little blonde boy best?

Is Brodie a good name?

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Do women eat their placenta after giving birth or no and is it considered bad?

Best answer: Ask your mom to help you get a tutor, so you can complete your work and understand the material better. A good tutor can really help you work on the subjects that aren't your strengths. No one is good at everything, and honestly, having perfect grades doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of being... show more

Middle names for Rayne for a girl?

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Prettiest girl name out of these?

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Opinions please x Mabel 💗 Madeleine 💗 Aurora 💗 Neva 💗 Pearl 💗 Opal 💗 Sennen 💗 Violet

I searched and it was possible to be pregnant just by fingering. Is it possible to feel symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, breast soreness or dizziness the next day? I've been feeling pregnant for 3 days after being fingered.

Need Russian first name for baby boy (Hubby is Russian)?

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Our surname is Petrov, an extremely common surname in Russia. Hubby and I want a Russian first name that would match it but will also go well with U.S culture. Can't name the baby Alexander cause of relatives with this name. Please suggest some baby names?