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Best answer: Purple is the most complex color and has the most associations. Purple is the color of royalty, power, sexuality, fantasy and the world of Fairy (not gays, Faerie).

I am 17 years old and my hair was growing short on one side and longer on the other and I had a bald spot on my right edge (I am not balding I had Trichotillomania search it up) and I need an exuse for my hair because I go college Should I say a girl gave me lice so I shaved it off?

I don't shave my legs. I know most of you gonna assume I'm gross but I honestly find it useless. Why should I shave them just for them to grow back thicker and darker? Plus it's kinda a waste of time to me when cause I'll just be doing it for other people To me its just hair. Am I the one who thinks... show more

What makes your hair grow faster?

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Best answer: nothing to be honest, i cant seenn to grow nnine past a certain lenght

Best answer: Applying food to hair does nothing. That's one of those old magazine beauty hints from like 100 years ago, when celebs gave 'hints' to readers to apply mayo and or eggs to hair for conditioning. Back then, most anyone would have had those ingredients in the kitchen. And, many folks living in rural... show more

Stubborn mom about short hair?

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My mother is against me cutting my hair short. I can’t drive. She doesn’t let me walk around the mall alone because she fears I’ll get snatched (I can’t run so she’s not crazy). Her reasoning: • Too boyish • She had a short haircut and she hated it • it takes forever to grow back to a normal length • My face is... show more

What should I do?

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My boyfriend wants me to dye my hair blonde and he always talks about how much he likes blonde hair and that he thinks blondes are hotter.

Ok so i was naturally born with blonde hair but it was like a golden blonde, i got that from my dad he had litteraly my same color even doe he was a boy he had long hair nd really curly but while he was growing his hair turned brown and hus beard grew kinda orangy-red like nd the same happened to me my hair color... show more

I'm an 18 year old male who has quite short hair and I wash it every Sunday and Wednesday because more regular washing strips it of its natural oils. I notice after a day it is fine but the day after that lets say by Tuesday morning (last wash Sunday) it is greasy. This makes me look sloppy like I don't... show more

Best answer: The genes are independent of each other. Based solely on world population, the odds are about 187/10000, or a little less than 2%. Of course, genes aren't random, and you will have a much higher chance if you are born in a population where brown hair or blue eyes are common, and no chance if you are born where... show more

I want to dye the ends of my hair a green or blue color. I only want to do the ends cause I wear my natural hair in a puff on the top of my head and I want the color to show then and if I straighten it.

not a white nationalist movement btw.