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I am 20 and didn't use to wear make up. Since I've been wearing it my cousin's (24) fiance whos 28 has been taking a lot of notice of me 1st time he saw me with it on he stopped and his mouth slightly open staring for ages. He admitted a few days later with make up on i look great. Then he said when i... show more

Best answer: Yes, I would say so. Mostly because makeup would be terrible for their skin at such a young age.

he don't got no education since he didn;t go to hawrvard and he don't know nothing bout being a president

Best answer: You CAN. Whether or not you SHOULD is a different question. One that you need to call the dermatologist's office to ask. It would depend on what they're checking on, really. Worst case, take your makeup with you and do it after the appointment if you feel you absolutely can't go to the next appointment... show more

Best answer: They both have their benefits. I like that Ulta has drugstore brands as well as high end brands, so i can get all I need in one store. They also have bath and shower products, as well as hair stuff. They offer so much more than sephora could ever dream of. They also actually have a store I can shop in where I... show more

Best answer: Its less about the foundation application, and more about the foundation itself. Go with something that isn't full coverage, medium coverage at most.

Im a guy and i like to wear lipstick, what color should I buy next? I have a nude and like pinks and a fuchsia. i also have tons of lip gloss. nothing too matte please.

Best answer: Eyebrows are only there to protect your eyeballs from dirt, debris, and sweat. Shaving them isn't bad for you, but it may cause you to get more foreign objects in your eyeballs. Anyways, shaving your eyebrows is the same as cutting your hair, harmless, except for the chance of an ingrown hair that could get... show more

My wife has stopped wearing makeup?

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she still wears eyeliner and the coneal stuff but? she has ceased with blush, lipstick and the to kindly suggest she start wearing it again? its been two weeks of little makeup and a relationship is a two way street

Is it bad to wear makeup everyday?

9 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: I think as long as your makeup is not expired, brushes are clean, and that you are cleansing your face every night it is fine!

Wearing eyeliner at work? yes or no?

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