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I'm only 30 and already getting wrinkles?

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I notice the past few years, I've been getting wrinkles around the forehead area. I'm only 30 and now I have permanent lines on my forehead, and I'm getting frown lines around my eyebrows and top of my nose. My doctor said it's due to sun damage, not ageing, but is this normal for a 30 year old?

Should I take out my ear piercing if it's infected?

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Most painful/least painful tattoo spots?

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I have 13 moles on my face, are moles on a girls face ugly?

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i asked my mom to let me get some antiperspirant, because i noticed my underarms sweat a lot, which is sometimes visible on my shirt, and i feel self-conscious, but she refuses because she claims it's bad to put chemicals on my body. how should i solve this problem?

I can’t put my belly piercing back in help!?

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I’ve had my piercing for over year now and I just changed my piercing last week which I took out cuz it seemed to irritate me and I’ve had it off for a day and today I tried to put it the other piercing I had in since I first got it which has never irritated me and I can’t put it in! I can stick a normal earing... show more

They always be like "Tattoos?? Trashy! Anyone with tattoos is mental and unclassy" as if there's a correlation between a person's value and some ink on skin

On a scale from one to ten how much does a nose piercing hurt?

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I might get my nose pierced next month and I would like to know how much it hurts, I am not getting a septum, just a regular nostril piercing.

Is it normal for a guy to get a piercing?

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My Ear Piercing is Infected! Please Help!?

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Best answer: When you say sea salt soaks, are you making your own solution? How are you applying it? I do recommend doing sea salt soaks, but you need to do it right to get the most benefit. Go to the drugstore and get sterile saline wound wash spray. This should be near the bandages, the only ingredients should be sodium... show more

POLL: is today the greatest day of your life?

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How to look beautiful?

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How much usually would a tattoo like this cost?

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I know it depends on the artist and all but I’m just curious what some of you think..