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Why don t white people have color in their skin and need to tan?

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I swim 5 days per week. At the pool, I notice that almost everyone has a tattoo. I'm usually the only person at the pool who's completely ink-free. Are you unique or do you have tattos like everyone else?

Is 5’1 (156cm) a good height for a female?

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Which eye cream would you recommend ?

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Haii. I have these fine "squint" lines that comes from how I smile . I want to get rid of them. I have tried some things people recommended .I have tried sleeping more,going face exercises . I do not sleep on my face so nothing I could do there. Nothing fixed them. A lot of people recommended Olay 7-1... show more

Is it normal for my son to want a piercing? Not only for girls?

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My son just turned 16 and told me he wants to get two piercings, his nipple. Can guys have that done? I've never heard of that. Thought it was just a girl thing like bellybutton

Is it normal for your nose to look bigger on camera?

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When I see myself on my webcam, my nose looks so huge. But then I look in the mirror, and my nose looks normal sized. Is it possible for webcam to make your nose look bigger than it actually is? I also have a problem with my driver's license photo, my nose also looks so huge on my id picture. I get worried that... show more

Why do people tell me to put vaseline on my cut lip?

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My lip has a cut and i added vaseline and that’s bullshit... I’m really worried about my lip and i tried adding rubbing alcohol but it just doesn’t heal... i think it’s time to find a way to do something with my lower lip... should i get it pierced?? Im 17 and a male.. or what can i do to my poor lip...... show more

I find it really rude and quite stuck up. They are potentially missing out on a customer and money. I find that tattoo artists are quite stuck up and think they are very superior to other people

Should i make my lips look large with surgery?

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Best answer: They look nice rn but if it's something you really want to do then go for it.

4x5 inch tattoo on the side of my ribcage cost.?

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I m thinking about getting a tattoo on the side of my ribcage that has the NEDA symbol and says "destroy what destroys you" circling around it in typewriter font. (in all black as well). How much would something like this typically cost?

For a tattoo do you prefer a tiger or a wolf?

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I’m just curious, and thinking of getting this.

Do quote tattoos look trashy?

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Not right now because I’m 16 but when I’m about 18 I would like to get a few tattoos. I have already thought about these tattoos so obviously in two years if I change my mind I will be happy I didn’t get them now but I don’t think I’m would because I feel close to meaning behind the words Sign of the times harry... show more

Why do I have so many pimples?

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Best answer: Are there any poison ivy plants around you? I feel so bad for trees stuck next to poison ivy. They're always breaking out. Be strong.

How long does it take for a cartilage piercing to stop hurting?

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Best answer: A cartilage piercing will be painful for quite a long time, weeks rather than days. You need to use salt water to bathe it with, and it will help with any discomfort. Its a prolonged healing piercing, 6-9 months. SO dont be worried. The advice you were given wasnt the best

Is it weird to get a tattoo for my nephew?

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I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for my nephew as he is the light of my world. He is 8 years old and is my only nephew. I only have one sibling, a brother who unfortunately passed away 7 years ago. My nephew is his only child and the joy of my life. I'm just curious on everyone's opinion on... show more

First tattoo advice...?

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I’m wanting my first tattoo, a small one on the top of my right arm - how much pain can I expect?