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Like a maintenance person moving it from one hangar to another?

It’s a ‘72 172. Basic airplane. I tried to sell it years ago, and all the local folks just want to low ball me ridiculous. I listed it on eBay, and people have 10 billion questions, and it takes up all my time trying to answer them. Most of them, I think, are just wanting to chit chat about planes in general. I... show more

It was 1st manufactered by the Russians in 1913, the Sikhorsky Ilya Muromets, capable of carrying up to 12 passengers or over 1000 kg of explosives. Seeing how stupid the Russians are and how they technologically lag behind the rest of Europe, do you find it amazing??

Commercial pilots ONLY!?

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Best answer: There are all sorts of "commercial pilots", not just airline pilots, who represent only one segment of commercial aviation. I'm a "commercial pilot" and am home every night. I've had other flying jobs where I was away from home for many days or weeks at a time. So, if you are referring... show more

Specifically, how are the spars, stringers etc attached? In a model airplane the answer would be cement. But how are real airplane (say a Piper Cub) connected?

It's such a mysterius place, everyone wants to know wtf is going on there.

There has been some talk about the return of supersonic aircraft for travel. Can they muffle or silence the sonic boom or is this just speculation? Also, do you think it would affordable for the regular everyday non business travellers?

Best answer: Gee, maybe you would think like most mechanics and pull the starter to grease up the Bendix shaft. Or you could be like the Jet-Dork and use any WD40 spray can crap rated for a Dodge 3/4 ton truck. Old sorry azzed Skippy-Doc doesn't even know what DEF is for his Dodge truck sitting on the ground. Sorry there... show more

Best answer: They are affected by icing. On the ground, they need deice and anti ice fluids to remove and prevent accumulation of frozen contaminants on the wings and tail. Certain precipitation like freezing rain and freezing drizzle or heavy snowfall introduce severely restrictive time constraints for these fluids to be... show more

Why did the Skycatcher fail?

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Aside from the licence and school/university education are there any other qualifications or courses that would set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job with an airline?

Best answer: For VFR flying, the legal minimum to act as pilot-in-command is 500 hours including at least 100 hours of cross-country flight time, at least 25 hours of which were logged at night; A commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating is required, and a multi-engine rating is needed if a multi-engine aircraft will... show more

Best answer: Until you get to 500 hours so you can legally fly for a VFR Part 135 operation, you're pretty much limited to flying sightseeing tours within 25 miles of the departure airport, hauling sky divers, doing pipeline / powerline / traffic patrol, crop dusting, or glider and banner towing, Otherwise, if you don't... show more

Best answer: Might be. However, being a good pilot is not enough. A lot of it is judgement. This is because your life, a passenger's life, and life of any person on the ground unlucky to be under you is at stake. Case in point. A famous pilot, John Kennedy Jr. was a good learner, had VFR private pilot's license, an... show more

I want to compare how the top aircraft models have gotten faster year over year, or how airlines have changed their flight patterns to fly more quickly, but I can't find an average speed. The National Transportation Safety board does annual accounts of car miles, but reports aircraft in hours flown. I want to... show more

Best answer: When I was in general aviation we knew of two customers who were smuggling. One of our other customers was DEA so it did not go unnoticed. Maybe as many as 5% of light planes are used for smuggling, but I doubt it. I saw a lot more than average because we were just a couple hundred miles from the border. However,... show more