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Signs that a job interview went well?

9 answers · Chandigarth · 6 days ago
I know its impossible to really give a decisive answer, but what are usually signs of a good interview?

Is money evil? or is it the people?

12 answers · Lucknow · 1 week ago
whether or not it or they are evil, it definitely changes them

Why do people care about Earnings-Per-Share?

4 answers · Delhi and NCR · 3 days ago
Why is it a cited so much? Why not just look at overall revenue and earnings growth rates? Who cares about EPS?

Are Youtubers that have video editors and pay them a percentage of what they earn every month considered an employer or is the video editor self employed?

Why is the landlord useding cats for the rats.?

4 answers · Chandigarth · 6 days ago
Best answer: Only they can tell you why. No that does not automatically get you out of your lease without paying. You can pay the lease break fee & move. There are legally required steps in every state that a tenant has to do when a landlord fails to take appropriate action for pest control or any other repair issue.... show more

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If a thief knows your DEBIT card info?

8 answers · Chandigarth · 2 weeks ago
Is it possible for a thief to gather your debit card (NOT credit card) number (the 16 digits) and your PIN number and steal from your account even though your debit card is still in your possession? And if you cancel your debit card immediately will it stop the possible thief? I had a few odd transactions happen... show more

I don't answer the phone at my workplace?

5 answers · Chennai · 2 weeks ago
I know this sounds dumb but i have been working at my office job for 2 and a half years but i dont answer the phone. Everyone knows this and don't say something maybe coz its rude but my manager has told me to make an effort. I dont answer it because I am scared that I dont know what to say or how to respond. I... show more

Can you make good money flipping stocks?

7 answers · Chandigarth · 3 weeks ago
If I started with $500 how much can I have by the end of the year? Is it as easy as flipping houses. In terms of just buying it, wait a few months, then sell it?

lets say every month on my check my company takes out 200 dollars for my insurance. That's 2400 a month. Is that money deducted from my total annual income.

Why is my cellphone spying on me?

6 answers · Chennai · 3 weeks ago
Today I went to Wal Mart and when I got home my phone asked me how I liked Wal Mart.

What is a good name for a watch store?

9 answers · Lucknow · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Fact is.... most people are stupid. You have to be VERY clear about what you are selling. So the NAME of the store has to be specific. Something as in-your-face as 'THE WATCH STORE'. The SLOGAN is where you can be more creative.

Or is that just a cover up for people who dont want to follow a bunch of rules, it's understandible, no one wants to be treated like they're a child just because they can't afford an appartment

What’s worse when looking for a job?

11 answers · Lucknow · 4 weeks ago
Being convicted of a felony 20 years ago, but having a job ever since or being unemployed for the last 2 years?

How much weekly $$$ is enough for a uni student?

10 answers · Lucknow · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Then stop enabling him by giving him more money. If you keeping "lending" him the money, he has no reason to change his ways. Cut him off and he will learn to live on less.

Best answer: There is plenty of money that could be channeled for Vets.

Is $20K a lot?

7 answers · Lucknow · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Saving a year's income is commendable! It's not how much you make, it's how well you fit inside that limit. If your debt is growing, you're either not making enough or you're spending too much. If you're putting money away, you're in good shape. You should be thinking 'career... show more