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I only did 1 play and played a little girl when I was 18, now 24, so what can I do?

Could you see the name "Christy Klossy" as an actress or director in Hollywood? Or does it sound dumb?

I have no experience in this career field but it has been one that has held my interest for a very long time. I would love to one day be a part of commercials, or movies, and really be a part of the entertainment industry. I d appreciate any advice.

Lion King (2019), BATB (2017), etc.

Hard to act with CGI?

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Best answer: It's not difficult for good, well-trained actors. Sometimes they use a pole with a blob on the end, covered in green so it can be removed digitally. Sometimes there's a person standing there - again removed digitally. Other times the actor uses his or her imagination.

Best answer: If you love acting – and I mean love it for its own sake, not with any silly notions of ever becoming famous and making loads of money - you have two choices. 1) You can get a year or so’s acting classes at a good acting school, then join a good community theatre purely as a hobby and have fun being part of a... show more

Best answer: He is a good actor.

How does a show get on Broadway?

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Best answer: From an artistic sense, a play is written, directed and performed to be experienced with a live audience. Filming changes the artistic vision for the work which the artists involved may not want. The techniques and choices actors and directors make for a filmed performance are very different then those made for a... show more

Voice acting agent question?

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Best answer: Agents are the go-between for the actor and the production. It’s basically the same for all actors (voice or otherwise). So the production company hires a casting director (CD) to cast a project. The CD writes a “breakdown” (a description of the project and the roles to be cast) and makes the breakdown available... show more

Best answer: You could just speak to the director casually and make your suggestion. But don't push it. If she felt that this would in any way distract the audience from the main characters, or wouldn't fit in with the action, she's going to say no. If she does say no, just shrug and tell her it was just an idea and... show more

Best answer: If you're asking about when would be a good age for a child to have fun acting and being in plays and the like - any age is fine. Taking acting classes, dance lessons, voice lessons can be fun for children who are interested in those areas. Being involved in school plays, community theater, church shows and... show more

I have heard how difficult it is to make it in hollywood so I was thinking about becoming a full time actor in korea even if im a white girl, with the hope of getting a role in a netflix production or korean films that westerners might watch and then use it as a shortcut to make it in hollywood. Do you think is a... show more

Best answer: I think some actors are better at connecting with a live audience and other actors are better at connecting with a camera and a few actors are equally good at both.

Best answer: One of the many challenging things with growing up is learning how to make choices and set priorities. To be completely frank with you - you cannot have a serious acting career and work on the Ph.D. at the same time. One will have to take priority and the other will suffer because of it. So why do you want to be... show more

Best answer: As Cogito said in a comment it means being fascinated with theater and wanting to become an actor.

Best answer: Not a competition. Both require talent but the styles are very different.

Scenario A: Let’s say I’m a high school drama teacher and I recently purchased the licensing rights for my school to put on a production of The Sound of Music. But I’m not a fan of the original staging. In the original stage musical My Favorite Things is sang towards the beginning by Maria and the Mother Abbess at... show more