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Is homeschooling bad for most kids UNLESS they are severely disabled (it can be a hassle to get there) or is a famous celebrity (too much attention)? I know an increasing number of parents who homeschool because they’re worried about their kid getting bullied. They want to protect their child from unhappiness.... show more

Best answer: your kids are not messed up your the one who is messed up and need to seek medical attention from a psychiatrist or a therapist

Best answer: The worst perpertrators of child abuse are actually from within the churches. Priests and carers.

Best answer: all of it

Do I have to go to daep?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
Ok so my mom wants to put me in homeschooling online but I got put into daep For a fight Is it forced? Or can I not go and be homeschooled? (I live in Texas)

Best answer: You won the day by being calm and by being a gentleman. Well done Pilgrim.

Best Online Homeschooling?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago
What is the best online homeschooling that caters to kids that have problems with math

Can I home school myself?

9 answers · 1 month ago
I'm 14-15 and I hardly attend school so I was wondering if it was possible to take learning into my own hands. I live in Scotland btw

Best answer: I flunked Chemistry in college because I played too much football, but Uncle Sam picked-up my option & straightened-me out.

I already posted to Facebook but not many people did it. I need a total of 20 peeps for my assignment. Any ideas?

Why is homeschooling bad?

32 answers · 2 months ago